Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Track a Whitetail Deer 100 All you need to do is find three tracks from the same Whitetail Deer. Once you find one track, just follow the clues on your HunterMate, and the other two tracks should be fairly easy to find.
Spot a Whitetail Deer 100 Find a Whitetail Deer and look at it through your Binoculars or rifle scope. Wait until an outline appears around the deer. An animal info box will appear in the upper right corner and you have successfully spotted the deer.
Harvest a Whitetail Deer 100
Take a 8pt Whitetail Deer 200 8 points means that there are at least 4 points on each side.
A Favor for a Friend 300 10 points means that there are at least 5 points on each side.
Dinner for a Week
  • Harvest a Whitetail Deer buck with a weight of at least 68kg (approx. 150lbs).
  • Harvest a Whitetail Deer buck with a weight of at least 68kg (approx. 150lbs).
Be Vewwy, Vewwy Qwiet 500
The Long Shot
  • Take a Whitetail Deer buck with at least 8 typical points from 115m (approx. 377ft.) or more.
600 To make a shoot from this distance, try hunting some of the large meadows, or straight roads that offer a long view.
A Cull 700
The Spotter, Pt. 1 800 This mission requires you to spot a buck first. If you spotted a doe before, it won't count even if you spot it again when task 1 completes. It must be a doe after the buck that you haven't yet spotted.
The Spotter, Pt. 2 800 Since this mission is attached to the previous mission, it should be pretty simple to shoot one of the Whitetail Deer that you have spotted in the herd from your tower. Make sure to activate the mission before harvesting one of the deer.
Big Rack 1000 Find and shoot a Whitetail Deer with at least 12 points. This means that there are at least 6 points on each side.
Big Score 1300 This will usually require 12 points and up to complete.
Big Rack, up close! 1600 Lure the buck towards you and shoot it from within 20-30m.
Shotgun Doe Cull 2100 Lure the does towards you and shoot them from within 20-30m.
Nice Sidearm... 2600
I'll give you a Buck for each... 3800