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Reserve Overview

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Reserve inspired by: Alaska, with details from other places [1]
Season: Arctic Winter
Whiterime Ridge is a cold place. You will need to use the free Arctic clothes or your hunt will be quite short and miserable. Do remember that the clothes you wear will not matter if for any reason you end up in the icy waters of this reserve. Water will cause your body temperature to drop rapidly and, if you end up in the water, you will need to fast travel to a lodge for some defrosting. Another thing to bear in mind is that this reserve is huge. Exploring Whiterime Ridge is quite an undertaking. It is a good idea to bring a tent to your expeditions to make the exploration easier and to find your own perfect hunting spots.

Huntable Species

Wr lodge south


Afterland Lodge

A strange name for a strange place. The name was taken from the legend that the house is supposedly built on a holy place where ancient shamans used to speak with the spirits of the dead.The Afterland Lodge has many stories connected to it. Like the story of the small group of trappers that set out from here that got lost in the terrible avalanche of 1915 and supposedly now haunt Whiterime Ridge. Or the rumours about hunters who succumbed to the curse of the Wendigo and other terrible fates, all originating from under the creaking wooden beams of the Afterland Lodge.

Danforth's Refuge

The Lodge was built by a man trying to escape the world. The building's wooden interior is covered in strange geometrical carvings made by the man himself. The carvings are mostly covered up in textiles and animal skins as they have a dizzying effect on the senses. He is long gone but the house remains as a desolate hunting cabin for those who are brave enough to hunt in these wild lands.


The player can experience freezing effects in a cold weather environment such as Whiterime Ridge if not wearing the right clothes, or by stepping into the cold water. Arctic pants, boots and jacket are absolutely necessary. The other items might be exchanged for items with at least a "low" Cold Weather Protection. In the store, every piece of clothing has a Cold Weather Resistance value. Make sure to check this before you get going. If only one of the items you are wearing has a protection/resistance that is below "Low", you will start freezing.

Freezing will show itself by abnormal breathing, delayed shots and more weapon wobble. If no measures are taken in form of changing clothes at a lodge or heated tent, the player will suffer from hypothermia and will be forced to recover at a lodge or heated tent.

You will not suffer from hypothermia when starting a new hunt at a lodge or heated tent with non-arctic clothes. Change clothes and start your hunt. You will however suffer from hypothermia when starting at a regular tent, even if you immediately switch to arctic clothes.


Promotion Video

TheHunter - Whiterime Ridge reserve

TheHunter - Whiterime Ridge reserve

Pre-Release Video

TheHunter 2016 - Whiterime Ridge - Pre-Release Livestream - ENGLISH

TheHunter 2016 - Whiterime Ridge - Pre-Release Livestream - ENGLISH

Video provided by community member Pratze.

Community Video

TheHunter First Hunt in WHITERIME RIDGE

TheHunter First Hunt in WHITERIME RIDGE

Video provided by community member HooCairs.

Animal Map

This is a community made map and is based on players' experience in the game. It is a simple attempt to display where animals spawn in this reserve, and NOT where you might find them during a hunting session. The map shows where you can expect to find the animals in maybe 80% of your hunts right after you start the game. The animals can also appear in other places, but they will with less frequency.

The animals are shown on the map in clusters. This approach does not do the game perfect justice, but the map becomes easy to understand. Imagine a circle around each animal icon and you will get an idea about their predominant spawning locations.

WRR Animals

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