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This page explains the Waterfowl Blind which was added on the 28th of March 2014. [1] Especially designed for waterfowl hunting this blind provides excellent visual reduction in swamp environments while providing an unrestricted view of the sky.Up to three hunters can use the blind at the same time, making it an invaluable tool when staking out decoys in multiplayer.

The waterfowl blind is used for Waterfowling.


  • Establish a new permanent blind at almost any location
  • Up to 15 can be set up in each reserve at the same time*
  • Up to 3 hunters can use it at the same time
  • Can be dismantled and moved
  • Capacity Cost: 5.0 units


  • Visual Reduction (Outside Hirschfelden): Bad
  • Visual Reduction (Hirschfelden - Non-Field Areas): Good
  • Visual Reduction (Hirschfelden - Field Areas): Excellent
  • Scent Reduction: None
  • Sound Reduction: None
  • The "5 blinds per reserve"-limit is shared. This means that you cannot exceed the limit by purchasing different color variations or types (Ground/Waterfowl).

Correct Use

Find a ground area which is largely flat and unobstructed by objects. To use it, equip with the "0"-key, go up to a correct area and click Mouse 1 (left mouse button by default) and you will automatically end up inside.

While the set up is instant, the sound played is audible by surrounding animals in about a 100m (350ft) radius. Camouflage factor is about equal to a Tower with decreased camouflage the closer the animal gets.

It is suggested that Waterfowl Blinds are used in cooperation with Callers and Decoys for optimal use.

  • If the ground area is good for set up, the following message will appear: Press MOUSE 1 to erect.
  • To exit the Waterfowl Blind press "E" on your keyboard. The blind will automatically return to your inventory.

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