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A famous filmmaker, Vera Herzschlag focuses on documentaries but dabbles, too, in the occasional (and questionably original) epic fantasy or sci-fi. She's determined to do things right, paying good wages to her actors--and if it means getting good footage, she'll even venture out into the wilderness herself.


Reindeer Missions

Celebrated documentary filmmaker Vera Herzschlag is making a movie about a man who for many years allegedly lived with Reindeers but then mysteriously vanished. The film is called Reindeer Man. She has asked you for help in shooting the documentary, and a few Reindeer.

Opening Credits Hello there common person. I am Vera Herzschlag, celebrated filmmaker. I do not know the first thing about Reindeer. So you will show me. I'll just bring my camera. Don't touch it! Right, first we need some good atmospheric shots with Reindeer.
For Dramatic Effect Right, that went smooth enough. I'll run them in slow motion, add a dramatic voice over and get the viewer in the thick of things. I can smell another award coming my way. Anyway, I need some hoots, shrieks or fanfares or what ever Reindeer calls are known as.
Horrible Terrible Nature I want to show the pain and strife that is the wilderness. Show the viewer that out here, you're on your own. I see you carry some sort of weapon. Use it. I'll start rolling.
Tensions Rise That was a bit messy. If I was the Reindeer Man, as a part of the herd, I would most definitely feel like I was attacked. I need a few more to build up tension. But lower the messiness.
Become Part Of The Herd How did the Reindeer Man become like this? How did he find his way to the Reindeer and become one with the herd? Perhaps we must also become one with these wild and savage beast. Let's become the herd!
Are We Reindeer? No We Are Human! That was a lot of work for very little. We'll skip the “becoming the herd” part and focus on the humanity of it all. We are human, not wild Reindeer. We cannot fight what we are. I need dramatic footage for this part. Thunder and lightning!
The Reindeer Man Cometh Did you see that?! As the smoke cleared I thought I saw a man running away holding antlers to his head! The Reindeer Man is still around! We must get into a good position to try pinpoint where he is. Start with Tower 1. Then Tower 2. And I think we'll go to Tower 3 next.
Eye In The Sky So we did not see the Reindeer Man but he is out there. I'll let you sneak out there alone and get real close to the Reindeer. Don't hesitate to stir up some trouble, it'll surely attract the Reindeer Man. I'll be using drone cameras to keep an eye on you and the surroundings.
The Sleeping Reindeer I found a Reindeer bedding. And you know as well as I that a Reindeer bedding is not very likely. They're on the move all the time. So there is something fishy going on! Especially since there was an empty bottle of Root Beer next to the bedding. And an old issue of a hunting rifle magazine from 1979. Do Reindeer drink Root Beer? Do they read magazines? I think not! I need you to harvest a Reindeer bull for me. One clean shot, through the heart. I am making a clever disguise.
The Unraveling That'll do. Now wear the skin, sneak around the bedding and as soon as you see a bipedal Reindeer: You knock it to the ground! If other Reindeer approach, keep them at a distance but do not make noise. I do not want to scare away the Reindeer Man.
Rusa Deer Missions

Vera Herzschlag has taken a sudden interest in the jungle to film her next big TV series, "Rusa: The TV Series", and once again, requires your assistance. This time she wants you to play a key role as some sort of protagonist while Doc plays the part as the antagonist. What on Earth could she have in store for the hunter this time around? Find out on the next episode!

Episode 1: The Fundamentals of the Rusa Okay, here's the deal, hunter. I need you to take the part as "Rusado Deergins", hero of the rusa tribe and conqueror of the banteng beasts. You will be offered a fair wage for your services so I expect you to not mess anything up! It's important that you understand your role well, so I want you to first head off into the rainforest and gather a little knowledge on how rusa deer behave in the wild. You will need it if you are to fulfill your part properly. I won't take any buts! Off you go now. I have to prepare the props and determine good camera angles for your next scene.
Episode 2: The Two Rusa Welcome back, how did it go? Actually, never mind. We have a scene to shoot. Now put on that rusa deer costume. I'm going to need you to really sink in to your character. Now where are those other two slackers? I've hired a man named Bull to take the roll of "Rusawise Deergee" and another strange man named Dawg to play the part of "Rusiadoc Brandybuck." They are going to be accompanying you on your quest to stop the evil water buffalo "Saurdoc" from conquering Piccabeen Bay. I can assume you already guessed who will play the antagonist's part? Smart little hunter, aren't you? Now, can you go find those two slackers? They are wasting my valuable time! Actually, we could potentially make a scene out of this... "Rusado Deergins" on a quest to find his friends. Yes, I like the sound of that.
Episode 3: The Return of the Rusa Excellent! You found them. You get a pay raise and they are going to get the boot if they keep disappearing on me. I swear, the nerve of some people. I digress, now we must start shooting the epic, full scale battle between the hero and our antagonist, Doc. Erm, I mean "Saurdoc." I'm going to need to find a few more actors though. Two companions and one grand enemy doesn't seem like it will do the battle any justice. Why don't you start while I have my assistant shoot you and I'll just throw in a few random cameos here and there? I have a few potential stars on my list. Let's see... Perhaps Lurcan Gong as "Rusagorn" and this nameless instinctive man as "Legorusa Greendeer." Yes, they could work.
Episode 4: An Unexpected Rusa That was some exceptional work, hunter. I'd say we've pretty much wrapped up the first chapter in this future Emmy Award-winning TV series. I believe we must carry on with the next act! The audience demands it. I've decided to fire the previous actors, they have no use in the next set of episodes. Don't worry though, the same fate will not befall you... yet. Anyway, I'm going to need you to put on the rusa costume again. Now you are on a heroic quest to find a smaller rusa whom will accompany you in fighting a giant evil sambar deer. We shall call him "Sambaug" for now. I've already got my eyes on the perfect person for this role. Oh right, back to the story. You will also run into a strange feral hog that follows you around and just generally looks quite disgusting. In this scene, you will slay the creepy pig and find your friend. Easy, right? Now go! Stop wasting my time. We have a series to complete.
Episode 5: The Desolation of Rusa Marvelous, now on to the lion's share of this segment. The intense, gunpowdery battle between our hero "Rusado Deergins" and the fierce sambar "Sambaug," played by none other than Max the taxidermist! Strange though, I feel like there should be a different hero partaking in this fight. Oh well, the audience won't mind. After all, this is made by none other than Vera Herzschlag, the best director and screenplay writer of all time! Now then, on to the details. Scout the area for innocent civilians like the hero you are, then proceed to a one on one battle to the death with your opponent. This should be a piece of cake for any hunter such as yourself.
Episode 6: The Battle of the Five Rusa Now we bring in the plot twist! The return of the evil water buffalo "Saurdoc," engaging in a gigantic battle with all the noble species of Piccabeen Bay. You, the hero, must go and convince the other major two species to work together against the common foe. Oh, I love it already. I can see an Academy Award in my name for Best Director. Oh, I'm getting carried away, there must, of course, also be action in this episode. The fans will demand it! Now, explosions do not seem very ethical in your field of work so maybe we can use the next best thing...?
Episode 7: The Phantom Rusa That battle truly gave me goosebumps! It's unfortunate that some parts had to be cut due to Doc's bad acting but not everything can work as planned I suppose. Perfection, however, is still possible. I've come to understand that everybody has different tastes so I think we will have to branch off with season three. Yes, hear me out on this one: Space. Sci-fi has always been quite enjoyable even for those who aren't necessarily fans of it. So let's roll with this idea. You are now "Rusakin Deerwalker", a young rusa deer out to become a knight of sorts but first, you are met by a trial of speed. We will be shooting this particular trial, with you as the main focus, so look intense and get the job done quickly.
Episode 8: Revenge of the Rusa All right, now let's experiment with fast forwarding roughly thirteen years into the future. Now, you are a young adult who has authority problems and has turned to the dark side. I'll need you to change your persona a bit to be more dark and edgy. You will bascially become an antagonist for this particular episode! See it like this, the more personalities you can impersonate, the more money you earn, and the more useful you are to me. Now then, that must have gotten you started! Feel the anger, channel your hatred and use the... rusa determination to smite your foes!
Episode 9: The Rusa Awakens I must admit, this is becoming quite exciting. Not only am I closer to finishing this amazing series, but I'm also closer to an investment of my very own, personal yacht... and I believe it's all thanks to my skills in leading you in the right direction! Of course, you will also achieve something from your hard work. I mean, the possibility of becoming a star is strong in you. Which is perfect for this next part. I'm going to need you to give me your best performance. You will now play the part of "Rusey," without a last name. Yes, we'll save that part for the next season. Anyway, you've awakened some sort of power that will end the water buffalo menace for good but you need to activate it somehow. How do you do that you say? Show me your skills as a hunter, grasshopper.
Episode 10: The Last Rusa Aha! Now for the grand finale. The ultimate battle between you and the evil reincarnation of "Saurdoc", now called "Cyberdoc 2.0", jam-packed with laser rifles, robots and a bunch of explosions! Oh, not to mention the ability to choke people through the powers of telekinesis. Yes, this is it, hunter. Wrap up the final clip with something amazing. You want to be a star? Then you need to prove that you're capable! Just make sure you don't miss, otherwise I'll have to group you together with those other hunters I hired, the ones over in the corner wearing white bulky armor. They couldn't aim even if their lives depended on it.


Vera's Casting Session
Hi, my name is Vera Herzschlag, the famous filmmaker... is that a hint of admiration I spot in your eyes? Anyway, I am not here to sign autographs, I'm back to the Evergreen Hunting Reserve to shoot a new documentary. Title? The Hemmeldal Hunter! I am still casting for the main role, I need a brave, skilled, good-looking hunter who can take a clean shot at one of those majestic Reindeers. You've got the looks, I wonder if you have the skills... Vh comp1.png


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