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Vehicles are introduced to the EHR Nov 28, 2018 in the form of a Jeep-like off-road car called Park Ranger.

Park Ranger

Park ranger fleet.png

The first ever vehicle in the EHR is the Jeep-like Park Ranger. It comes in various designs, but all of these cars have the same in features and functionality.

Gameplay Characteristics

  • To drive it, you can place it like any other deployable.
    • You can only place it at lodges or on a road.
    • You cannot deploy it near a tent.
  • When driving, your player takes the driver seat, and you get a 3rd person view on the vehicle.
  • When you have your dog with you, it will appear in the back of the car when you enter it.
  • The max speed is 40-45 kph (approx. 25 mph).
  • The Park Ranger has a storage capacity of 20 units.
    • A slot is available in the player's field inventory to place the Park Ranger.
    • A section is available in the player's field inventory to place items in the Park Ranger
  • Crossing abilities:
    • Can be driven on roads and off road, but it can still get stuck.
    • Can drive up steep hills, to about the same degree a player can walk up.
    • Can cross water where the player can cross.
    • Will be stopped at shores.
  • You can die if you drive into deep water or down a cliff.
  • The car won't take any damage.
  • When signed up to a competition, you cannot use the car. An according message will appear if you want to deploy a car anyway.

    Park ranger cannot deploy.png

Excluded Reserves

The Park Ranger can be used in all reserves except Whiterime Ridge and Piccabeen Bay.


The Park Ranger requires fuel to operate.

  • Fuel is an invisible consumable.
  • Fuel depletes at a rate of 1 unit per 150 meters driven.
  • up to 100 units of fuel are auto-tanked at the start of a hunt if you own this much.
  • No extra fuel can be brought to a ride. When empty or low, you need to return to a lodge or tent.
  • If more fuel is wanted in a session, it can be bought like any other consumable with Em$ or Gm$.
  • Fuel can be bought in units of 25, 50 or 100.
  • There are also fuel subscriptions available that give unlimited fuel for a certain time.

How Animals React

When adding the Park Ranger to the game, it was important to retrain the game's stability and balance. Herding and exploiting is avoided by various measures.

  • Animals flee in random directions while you are driving the car.
  • When you get out of the car, a shock wave is sent and animals in the vicinity spook additionally.
  • Animals that flee from the car are tagged with "Spooked by vehicle" and become unethical to shoot until a few seconds after they stop fleeing.
  • Stationary cars have no spooking effect at all.

Multiplayer Options

  • One other player can be with you in the car as a passenger.
  • A maximum of two cars can be in the same game.
  • It is not possible for anyone else than the host to drive the car.
  • The passenger seat can be locked to prevent unwanted players from joining you in the car.
  • The dog of the passenger is not visible while driving.
  • It is possible in the options to turn off the ability for other people joining an MP party to use their car.

Operate / Controls

Press J to place the vehicle. By holding the right mouse button you can rotate it before placing it.

Park ranger deployment.png

When the car is deployed press J again to bring up the pie menu.

Park ranger pie menu.png

Pie menu:

  • Left - Tow vehicle - to remove the vehicle
  • Up - Locate vehicle - vehicle will honk so you can hear where it is
  • Right - Lock/Unlock passenger seat - to avoid a passenger getting in the car

Entering and exiting:

  • Press E to enter or exit the vehicle.


  • Automatic transmission.
  • Steer with WASD keys.
  • Move mouse to change the camera angle.
  • Use mouse wheel to zoom closer or further away.
  • Press Q for auto-drive (cruise control).
  • Press H to honk the horn.

Park Ranger Videos

This video is a summary of the pre-release live stream done by EW with topics ordered.