The Hunter Wikia

How to play

First time hunters will automatically be presented with the Tutorial-tab/page with the below choices. More experienced hunters that want to play the tutorials can choose the Tutorial-tab/page at any time. This is how it works:

  • Click HUNT NOW
  • Select Tutorials
  • Choose the Tutorial you want to play

Note that no statistics will be saved during the official tutorials.

The Basics

Join Doc on your very first hunting expedition for a Mule Deer and learn the basics of theHunter Classic.
Location: Logger's Point


Using Towers

Make good use of hunting towers. Use a scent spray to bring a Moose right up to the tower for a prime shot.
Location: Redfeather Falls


Bow/Xbow + Tree Stands Usage

Bows, Crossbows and Tree Stands, find out all about them here.
Location: Whitehart Island


Waterfowling + Retriever Dogs

Pick up the basics of waterfowling with some Snow Geese.
Location: Whiterime Ridge


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