The Hunter Wikia

This is a collection of trophies that are/were awarded to the winners of regular or special competitions and missions over the years. The list is likely not complete for the early days of the game. Please report if you know of missing trophies or events.

Trophies for Regular Competitions

During the 2nd half of 2021 the entire competition schedule was overhauled. During June 2021 new trophies were introduced for animal specific competitions. They replaced the generic medals.

Score Based
Diorama gold.png Diorama silver.png Diorama bronze.png Diorama hematite.png

Score gold.png Score silver.png Score bronze.png Score hematite.png

Weight Based
Weight gold.png Weight silver.png Weight bronze.png Weight hematite.png

Laura Francese (multispecies competitions)
Laura francese gold.png Laura francese silver.png Laura francese bronze.png


Daily Mission Trophies

See Daily Missions for how to get these.

3 Months 6 Months12 Months

10 Hard Missions 20 Hard Missions 30 Hard Missions


Community League Trophies

Whitehart Island (as example)
League wh 1.png League wh 2.png League wh 3.png

The certificates look the same for all reserves with the reserve icon as the only difference.

2022 Special Event Trophies

Father's Day Event (campaign trophies)
Fathers Day 2022 gold.png Fathers Day 2022 silver.png Fathers Day 2022 bronze.png Fathers Day 2022 hematite.png Fathers Day 2022 turquoise.png

Father's Day Event (competition trophies)
Fathers Day 2022 comp gold.png Fathers Day 2022 comp silver.png Fathers Day 2022 comp bronze.png Fathers Day 2022 comp hematite.png

Father's Day Event (mission trophy)
Fathers Day 2022 mission.png

Easter Event (campaign trophies)
Easter 2022 gold.png Easter 2022 silver.png Easter 2022 bronze.png Easter 2022 hematite.png Easter 2022 white.png

Easter Event (competition trophies)
Easter 2022 comp gold.png Easter 2022 comp silver.png Easter 2022 comp bronze.png Easter 2022 comp hematite.png

Easter Event (mission trophy)
Easter 2022 mission.png

St. Patrick's Day (campaign trophies)
St Patricks 2022 gold.png St Patricks 2022 silver.png St Patricks 2022 bronze.png St Patricks 2022 hematite.png St Patricks 2022 turquoise.png

St. Patrick's Day (competition trophies)
St Patricks 2022 comp gold.png St Patricks 2022 comp silver.png St Patricks 2022 comp bronze.png St Patricks 2022 comp hematite.png

St. Patrick's Day (mission trophy)
St Patricks 2022 mission.png

Lunar New Year (campaign trophies)
Lunar 2022 gold.png Lunar 2022 silver.png Lunar 2022 bronze.png Lunar 2022 jade.png Lunar 2022 tourmaline.png

Lunar New Year (competition trophies)
Lunar 2022 comp gold.png Lunar 2022 comp silver.png Lunar 2022 comp bronze.png Lunar 2022 comp jade.png

Lunar New Year (mission trophy)
Lunar 2022 mission.png

2021 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (campaign trophies)
Christmas 2021 gold.png Christmas 2021 silver.png Christmas 2021 bronze.png Christmas 2021 hematite.png Christmas 2021 turqoise.png

Christmas Holiday (competition trophies)
Christmas 2021 comp gold.png Christmas 2021 comp silver.png Christmas 2021 comp bronze.png Christmas 2021 comp hematite.png

Christmas Holiday (mission trophy)
Christmas 2021 mission.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving 2021 comp gold.png Thanksgiving 2021 comp silver.png Thanksgiving 2021 comp bronze.png Thanksgiving 2021 comp hematite.png

Halloween (campaign trophies)
Halloween 2021 gold.png Halloween 2021 silver.png Halloween 2021 bronze.png Halloween 2021 hematite.png Halloween 2021 tourmaline.png

Halloween (competition trophies)
Halloween 2021 comp gold.png Halloween 2021 comp silver.png Halloween 2021 comp bronze.png Halloween 2021 comp hematite.png

Halloween (mission trophy)
Halloween 2021 mission.png

Fall Event (campaign winners)
Fall 2021 event gold.png Fall 2021 event silver.png Fall 2021 event bronze.png Fall 2021 event hematite.png Fall 2021 event turquoise.png

Fall Event (competition trophies)
Fall 2021 comp gold.png Fall 2021 comp silver.png Fall 2021 comp bronze.png Fall 2021 comp hematite.png

Fall Event (mission trophy)
Fall 2021 mission.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "Jackpot")
Summer fiesta 2021 jackpot gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 jackpot silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 jackpot bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 jackpot hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "Looking East")
Summer fiesta 2021 looking east gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 looking east silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 looking east bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 looking east hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "Go East")
Summer fiesta 2021 go east gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 go east silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 go east bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 go east hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "Northwest Passage")
Summer fiesta 2021 northwest passage gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 northwest passage silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 northwest passage bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 northwest passage hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "North to South, East to West")
Summer fiesta 2021 north to south east to west gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 north to south east to west silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 north to south east to west bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 north to south east to west hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies for "Down South")
Summer fiesta 2021 down south gold.png Summer fiesta 2021 down south silver.png Summer fiesta 2021 down south bronze.png Summer fiesta 2021 down south hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (mission trophies)
Summer fiesta 2021 mission 1.png Summer fiesta 2021 mission 2.png Summer fiesta 2021 mission 3.png

Midsummer Event (campaign trophies)
Midsummer 2021 event gold.png Midsummer 2021 event silver.png Midsummer 2021 event bronze.png Midsummer 2021 event hematite.png Midsummer 2021 event turquoise.png

Midsummer Event (competition trophies)
Midsummer 2021 comp gold.png Midsummer 2021 comp silver.png Midsummer 2021 comp bronze.png Midsummer 2021 comp hematite.png

Midsummer Event (mission trophy)
Midsummer 2021 mission.png

Mother's Day (campaing trophies)
Moms day 2021 gold.png Moms day 2021 silver.png Moms day 2021 bronze.png Moms day 2021 hematite.png Moms day 2021 turquoise.png

Mother's Day (competition trophies)
Moms day 2021 comp gold.png Moms day 2021 comp silver.png Moms day 2021 comp bronze.png Moms day 2021 comp hematite.png

Easter (competition trophies)
Easter 2021 comp gold.png Easter 2021 comp silver.png Easter 2021 comp bronze.png Easter 2021 comp hematite.png

St Patrick's Day (campaing trophies)
St patricks 2021 event gold.png St patricks 2021 event silver.png St patricks 2021 event bronze.png St patricks 2021 event hematite.png St patricks 2021 event wood.png

St Patrick's Day (competition trophies)
St patricks 2021 gold.png St patricks 2021 silver.png St patricks 2021 bronze.png St patricks 2021 hematite.png

St Patrick's Day (mission trophy)
St patricks 2021 mission.png

Valentines Event (campaing trophies)
Valentine 2021 event gold.png Valentine 2021 event silver.png Valentine 2021 event bronze.png Valentine 2021 event hematite.png Valentine 2021 event turquoise.png

Valentines Event (competition trophies)
Valentine 2021 gold.png Valentine 2021 silver.png Valentine 2021 bronze.png Valentine 2021 hematite.png


2020 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (campaing trophies)
Christmas 2020 01.png Christmas 2020 02.png Christmas 2020 03.png Christmas 2020 04.png Christmas 2020 05.png

Christmas Holiday (competition trophies)
Holidays antlers wreath gold.png Holidays antlers wreath silver.png Holidays antlers wreath brpnze.png Holidays antlers wreath hematite.png

Christmas Holiday (mission trophy)
Christmas 2020 Rudolph Mission.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving gold 2020.png Thanksgiving silver 2020.png Thanksgiving bronze 2020.png Thanksgiving hematite 2020.png

Summer Fiesta - Spring (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 spring gold.png Summerfiesta 2020 spring silver.png Summerfiesta 2020 spring bronze.png Summerfiesta 2020 spring hematite.png

Summer Fiesta - Summer Bees (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 summer gold.png Summerfiesta 2020 summer silver.png Summerfiesta 2020 summer bronze.png Summerfiesta 2020 summer hematite.png

Summer Fiesta - Catch my Fall (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 fall gold.png Summerfiesta 2020 fall silver.png Summerfiesta 2020 fall bronze.png Summerfiesta 2020 fall hematite.png

Summer Fiesta - Winter is Coming (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 winter gold.png Summerfiesta 2020 winter silver.png Summerfiesta 2020 winter bronze.png Summerfiesta 2020 winter hematite.png

Summer Fiesta - Weightsaver Bonanza (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 weightsaver gold.png Summerfiesta 2020 weightsaver silver.png Summerfiesta 2020 weightsaver bronze.png Summerfiesta 2020 weightsaver hematite.png

Pheasant Cacciatore Wedding Frenzy (competition trophies)
Bird medal gold.png Bird medal silver.png Bird medal bronze.png Bird medal hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (mission trophies)
Summerfiesta 2020 deeem0n.png Summerfiesta 2020 trophy pucu.png Summerfiesta 2020 trophy treekiwi.png Summerfiesta 2020 trophy all.png


2019 Special Event Trophies

Manly Man Event (competition trophies)
Manly man gold 2019.png Manly man silver 2019.png Manly man bronze 2019.png Manly man hematite 2019.png

Doc's Grey Wolf Event (mission trophy)
Docs wolf event.png


2018 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (campaing trophies)
Holidays 2018 01.png Holidays 2018 02.png Holidays 2018 03.png
Holidays 2018 04.png Holidays 2018 05.png Holidays 2018 06.png Holidays 2018 07.png Holidays 2018 08.png Holidays 2018 09.png Holidays 2018 10.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving gold 2018.png Thanksgiving silver 2018.png Thanksgiving bronze 2018.png Thanksgiving hematite 2018.png

Halloween (campaign trophies)
Halloween 2018 gold.png Halloween 2018 silver.png Halloween 2018 bronze.png Halloween 2018 hematite.png Halloween 2018 wood.png

Halloween (competition trophies)
Halloween 2018 comp gold.png Halloween 2018 comp silver.png Halloween 2018 comp bronze.png Halloween 2018 comp hematite.png

Halloween (mission trophy)
Halloween 2018 missions.png

Mid-September Madness (competition series)
Best bucks gold.png Best bucks silver.png Best bucks bronze.png Best bucks hematite.png

Big easy gold.png Big easy silver.png Big easy bronze.png Big easy hematite.png

Mid mania gold.png Mid mania silver.png Mid mania bronze.png Mid mania hematite.png

Quackathon gold.png Quackathon silver.png Quackathon bronze.png Quackathon hematite.png

Tiny nightmares gold.png Tiny nightmares silver.png Tiny nightmares bronze.png Tiny nightmares hematite.png

Summer Fiesta - Trials Champion Trophy (reward for completing all three mission trophies above)
Summerfiesta 2018 trophy final.png

Summer Fiesta (trophies for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter themed competitions)
Summerfiesta spring gold.png Summerfiesta spring silver.png Summerfiesta spring bronze.png Summerfiesta spring hematite.png

Summerfiesta summer gold.png Summerfiesta summer silver.png Summerfiesta summer bronze.png Summerfiesta summer hematite.png

Summerfiesta fall gold.png Summerfiesta fall silver.png Summerfiesta fall bronze.png Summerfiesta fall hematite.png

Summerfiesta winter gold.png Summerfiesta winter silver.png Summerfiesta winter bronze.png Summerfiesta winter hematite.png

Summer Fiesta ("Weight Saver" competition trophies)
Summerfiesta weightsaver gold.png Summerfiesta weightsaver silver.png Summerfiesta weightsaver bronze.png Summerfiesta weightsaver hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (mission trophies)
Summerfiesta 2018 trophy martin.png Summerfiesta 2018 trophy patrick.png Summerfiesta 2018 trophy mat.png

Big Five (competition trophies)
Big5 gold.png Big5 silver.png Big5 bronze.png Big5 hematite.png

Midsummer Event (competition trophies)
Midsummer 2018 appetizers gold.png Midsummer 2018 appetizers silver.png Midsummer 2018 appetizers bronze.png Midsummer 2018 appetizers hematite.png

Midsummer 2018 maincourse gold.png Midsummer 2018 maincourse silver.png Midsummer 2018 maincourse bronze.png Midsummer 2018 maincourse hematite.png

Midsummer Event (mission trophy)
Midsummer 2018 mission.png

Football Jamboree 2018 (trophies for guessing the correct World Cup 2018 winners)
Worldcup 2018 gold.png Worldcup 2018 silver.png Worldcup 2018 bronze.png

Football Jamboree 2018
Bushrangers Run competition trophies
Field trophy brr gold.png Field trophy brr silver.png Field trophy brr bronze.png Field trophy brr hematite.png

Hemmeldal competition trophies
Field trophy hd gold.png Field trophy hd silver.png Field trophy hd bronze.png Field trophy hd hematite.png

Hirschfelden competition trophies
Field trophy hf gold.png Field trophy hf silver.png Field trophy hf bronze.png Field trophy hf hematite.png

Piccabeen Bay competition trophies
Field trophy pbb gold.png Field trophy pbb silver.png Field trophy pbb bronze.png Field trophy pbb hematite.png

Redfeather Falls competition trophies
Field trophy rff gold.png Field trophy rff silver.png Field trophy rff bronze.png Field trophy rff hematite.png

Timbergold Trails competition trophies
Field trophy tgt gold.png Field trophy tgt silver.png Field trophy tgt bronze.png Field trophy tgt hematite.png

Val-des-Bois competition trophies
Field trophy vdb gold.png Field trophy vdb silver.png Field trophy vdb bronze.png Field trophy vdb hematite.png

Whiterime Ridge competition trophies
Field trophy wrr gold.png Field trophy wrr silver.png Field trophy wrr bronze.png Field trophy wrr hematite.png

The Perfect Shot (competition for the extended render range)
Long distance 2018 gold.png Long distance 2018 silver.png Long distance 2018 bronze.png Long distance 2018 hematite.png

Sneakathon (2 day competition trophies)
Sneakathon 2018 gold.png Sneakathon 2018 silver.png Sneakathon 2018 bronze.png Sneakathon 2018 hematite.png

Sneakathon (7 day competition trophies)
Grand sneakathon 2018 gold.png Grand sneakathon 2018 silver.png Grand sneakathon 2018 bronze.png Grand sneakathon 2018 hematite.png

Easter Event (campaign trophies)
Easter 2018 01.png Easter 2018 02.png Easter 2018 03.png Easter 2018 04.png Easter 2018 05.png

Easter Event (single competition trophies)
Easter 2018 gold.png Easter 2018 silver.png Easter 2018 bronze.png Easter 2018 hematite.png

Easter Event (mission trophy)
Easter 2018 mission.png

St. Patrick's Day (competition trophies)
St patricks competition 2018 gold.png St patricks competition 2018 silver.png St patricks competition 2018 bronze.png St patricks competition 2018 hematite.png

St. Patrick's Day (mission trophy)
St patricks mission trophy 2018.png

Womanly Woman - World Women's Day (competition trophies)
Womanly woman 2018 gold.png Womanly woman 2018 silver.png Womanly woman 2018 bronze.png Womanly woman 2018 hematite.png

Manly Man (competition trophies)
Manly man 2018 gold.png Manly man 2018 silver.png Manly man 2018 bronze.png Manly man 2018 hematite.png

Valentine's Day (campaign trophies)
Valentine event 2018 gold.png Valentine event 2018 silver.png Valentine event 2018 bronze.png Valentine event 2018 hematite.png Valentine event 2018 wood.png

Valentine's Day (competition trophies)
Valentine competitions 2018 gold.png Valentine competitions 2018 silver.png Valentine competitions 2018 bronze.png Valentine competitions 2018 red.png


2017 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday Event (campaign trophies)
Holidays 2017 01.png Holidays 2017 02.png Holidays 2017 03.png
Holidays 2017 04.png Holidays 2017 05.png Holidays 2017 06.png Holidays 2017 07.png Holidays 2017 08.png Holidays 2017 09.png Holidays 2017 10.png

Christmas Holiday Event (competition trophies)
Xmas 2017 gold.png Xmas 2017 silver.png Xmas 2017 bronze.png Xmas 2017 hematite.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving gold 2017.png Thanksgiving silver 2017.png Thanksgiving bronze 2017.png Thanksgiving hematit 2017.png

Thanksgiving (mission trophy)
Thanksgiving mission 2017.png

Halloween (mission trophy)
Halloween 2017.png

Bobcat Introduction 2017 and Eurasian Lynx Introduction 2018 (mission trophy)
Bobcat mission trophy.png

Summer Fiesta Stealth Challenge (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta stealth gold.png Summerfiesta stealth silver.png Summerfiesta stealth bronze.png Summerfiesta stealth hematite.png

Summer Fiesta Bravery Challenge (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta bravery gold.png Summerfiesta bravery silver.png Summerfiesta bravery bronze.png Summerfiesta bravery hematite.png

Summer Fiesta Marksmanship Challenge (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta marksmanship gold.png Summerfiesta marksmanship silver.png Summerfiesta marksmanship bronze.png Summerfiesta marksmanship hematite.png

Summer Fiesta Luck Challenge (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta luck gold.png Summerfiesta luck silver.png Summerfiesta luck bronze.png Summerfiesta luck hematite.png

Summer Fiesta Scoresaver Lottery (competition trophies)
Summerfiesta scoresaver gold.png Summerfiesta scoresaver silver.png Summerfiesta scoresaver bronze.png Summerfiesta scoresaver hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (mission trophies)
Summerfiesta trophy 2017 nightmare.png Summerfiesta trophy 2017 legendary.png Summerfiesta trophy 2017 epic.png

Summer Fiesta - Doc's Ultimate Hunting Champion (reward for completing all three mission trophies above)
Summerfiesta 2017 doc trophy.png

Midsummer Event (competition trophies)
Midsummer 2017 gold.png Midsummer 2017 silver.png Midsummer 2017 bronze.png Midsummer 2017 hematite.png

Midsummer Event (mission trophy)
Midsummer 2017 mission.png

Sneakathon (competition trophies)
Sneakathon 2017 competition gold.png Sneakathon 2017 competition silver.png Sneakathon 2017 competition bronze.png Sneakathon 2017 competition hematite.png

Sneakathon (mission trophy)
Sneakathon mission 2017.png

Easter (competition trophies)
Easter 2017 gold.png Easter 2017 silver.png Easter 2017 bronze.png Easter 2017 hematite.png

Easter (mission trophy)
Easter 2017 mission.png

Valentine's Day (campaign trophies)
Valentine event 2017 gold.png Valentine event 2017 silver.png Valentine event 2017 bronze.png Valentine event 2017 hematite.png Valentine event 2017 copper.png

Valentine's Day (competition trophies)
Valentine competitions 2017 gold.png Valentine competitions 2017 silver.png Valentine competitions 2017 bronze.png Valentine competitions 2017 red.png


2016 Special Event Trophies

The Ultimate Bear Hunter (mission trophy)
Ultimate Bear Hunter 2016.png

Christmas Holiday (campaign trophies)

Holidays 2016 01.png Holidays 2016 02.png Holidays 2016 03.png
Holidays 2016 04.png Holidays 2016 05.png Holidays 2016 06.png Holidays 2016 07.png Holidays 2016 08.png Holidays 2016 09.png Holidays 2016 10.png

Christmas Holiday (competition trophies)
Holiday 2016 Daily Gold.png Holiday 2016 Daily Silver.png Holiday 2016 Daily Bronze.png Holiday 2016 Daily Hematite.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving gold 2016.png Thanksgiving silver 2016.png Thanksgiving bronze 2016.png Thanksgiving hematit 2016.png

Thanksgiving (mission trophy)
Thanksgiving special 2016.png

Compound Showdown (competition trophies)
Bow Event Competition Gold.png Bow Event Competition Silver.png Bow Event Competition Bronze.png Bow Event Competition Hematite.png

Compound Showdown (trophies for guessing the winning rifle)
Bow Event Final Winner Parker Python.png Bow Event Final Winner Pulsar.png Bow Event Final Winner Snakebite.png

Compound Showdown (mission trophies)
Bow Event Mission Parker Python.png Bow Event Mission Pulsar.png Bow Event Mission Snakebite.png

Hirschfelden Challenge (My Hunting Shop) (competition trophies)
MHS gold.png MHS silver.png MHS bronze.png MHS hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies)
SummerFiesta Sombrero Gold.png SummerFiesta Sombrero Silver.png SummerFiesta Sombrero Bronze.png SummerFiesta Sombrero Hematite.png

Summer Fiesta (easy mission trophies)
SummerFiesta 2016 Snowshoehare.png SummerFiesta 2016 Bison.png SummerFiesta 2016 Ibex.png SummerFiesta 2016 RedKangaroo.png SummerFiesta 2016 Monster.png

Summer Fiesta (hard mission trophies)
SummerFiesta Crown gold.png SummerFiesta Crown silver.png SummerFiesta Crown bronze.png

The Actual Football Event (competition trophies)
Euro comp gold.png Euro comp silver.png Euro comp bronze.png Euro comp hematite.png

Football Jamboree 2016 (trophies for guessing the correct Euro 2016 winners)
Football Eu Gold Trophy.png Football Eu Silver Trophy.png Football Eu Bronze Trophy.png

Introduction of Bluetick Coonhounds (mission trophy)
Coonhound missions.png

Classic Showdown (mission and competition trophies)
Classic showdown gold.png Classic showdown silver.png Classic showdown bronze.png Classic showdown hematite.png

Classic Showdown (trophies for guessing the winning rifle)
Classic showdown 8x57.png Classic showdown 303.png Classic showdown 30-06.png Classic showdown 762.png

Sneakathon (competition trophies)
Sneakathon man gold.png Sneakathon man silver.png Sneakathon man bronze.png Sneakathon man hematit.png

Sneakathon (mission trophy)
Sneakathon fox.png

Easter (campaign trophies)
Easter basket gold.png Easter basket silver.png Easter basket bronze.png Easter basket festive.png Easter basket simple.png

Easter (competition trophies)
Easter 2016 Bunny Gold.png Easter 2016 Bunny Silver.png Easter 2016 Bunny Bronze.png Easter 2016 Bunny Porcelain.png

Easter (mission trophy)
Easter Chocolate Bunny.png

St. Patrick's Day (competition trophies)
St patricks 2016 gold.png St patricks 2016 silver.png St patricks 2016 bronze.png St patricks 2016 iron.png St patricks 2016 plastic.png

St. Patrick's Day (mission trophy)
St patricks 2016 mission.png

Introduction of Polar Bear (missions)
Polar bear mission 01.png

Valentine's Day (campaign trophies)
Valentine competition 2016 gold.png Valentine competition 2016 silver.png Valentine competition 2016 bronze.png Valentine competition 2016 hematit.png Valentine competition 2016 plastic.png

Valentine's Day (competition trophies)
Valentine real competition 2016 gold.png Valentine real competition 2016 silver.png Valentine real competition 2016 bronze.png Valentine real competition 2016 hematit.png


2015 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (campaign trophies)

Holidays 2015 1.png Holidays 2015 2.png Holidays 2015 3.png
Holidays 2015 4.png Holidays 2015 5.png Holidays 2015 6.png Holidays 2015 7.png Holidays 2015 8.png Holidays 2015 9.png Holidays 2015 10.png

Christmas Holiday (competition trophies)
Xmas 2015 gold.png Xmas 2015 silver.png Xmas 2015 bronze.png Xmas 2015 hematite.png

Halloween (mission trophy)
Halloween 2015.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies)
Tournament 2015 Cup1 Gold.png Tournament 2015 Cup1 Silver.png Tournament 2015 Cup1 Bronze.png Tournament 2015 Cup1 Black.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies)
Tournament 2015 Cup2 Gold.png Tournament 2015 Cup2 Silver.png Tournament 2015 Cup2 Bronze.png Tournament 2015 Cup2 Black.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies)
Tournament 2015 Cup3 Gold.png Tournament 2015 Cup3 Silver.png Tournament 2015 Cup3 Bronze.png Tournament 2015 Cup3 Black.png

Summer Fiesta (competition trophies)
Tournament 2015 Cup4 Gold.png Tournament 2015 Cup4 Silver.png Tournament 2015 Cup4 Bronze.png Tournament 2015 Cup4 Black.png

Summer Fiesta (easy mission trophies)
Summer fiesta 2015 easy mission 1.png Summer fiesta 2015 easy mission 2.png Summer fiesta 2015 easy mission 3.png Summer fiesta 2015 easy mission 4.png

Summer Fiesta (hard mission trophies)
Summer fiesta 2015 hard mission 1.png Summer fiesta 2015 hard mission 2.png Summer fiesta 2015 hard mission 3.png Summer fiesta 2015 hard mission 4.png

Introduction of Labrador Retrievers (mission trophy)
Labrador missions.png

Introduction of Non-Typicals (trophies for Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer and Whitetail Deer missions)
Antler typical trophy.png Antler non typical trophy.png

Easter (mission trophies)
Easter 2015 mission 1.png Easter 2015 mission 2.png Easter 2015 mission 3.png Easter 2015 mission 4.png

St. Patrick's Day (campaign trophies)
St patricks trophy 01.png St patricks trophy 02.png St patricks trophy 03.png St patricks trophy 04.png St patricks Trophy 05.png St patricks Trophy 06.png

Valentine's Day (campaign trophies)
Valentine 2015 BlackBear Trophy Gold.png Valentine 2015 BlackBear Trophy Silver.png Valentine 2015 BlackBear Trophy Bronze.png Valentine 2015 BlackBear trophy hematit.png Valentine 2015 BlackBear Trophy Plaster.png

Valentine's Day (competition trophies)
Valentine 2015 competition gold.png Valentine 2015 competition silver.png Valentine 2015 competition bronze.png Valentine 2015 competition hematit.png

Valentine's Day (hunters who supported the biggest number of other players)
Valentine 2015 most loving.png


2014 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (campaign trophies)
2014 holiday competition 1.png 2014 holiday competition 2.png 2014 holiday competition 3.png
2014 holiday competition 4.png 2014 holiday competition 5.png 2014 holiday competition 6.png 2014 holiday competition 7.png 2014 holiday competition 8.png 2014 holiday competition 9.png 2014 holiday competition 10.png

Christmas Holiday (competition trophies; also used in 2018)
Holiday event 2014 gold.png Holiday event 2014 silver.png Holiday event 2014 bronze.png Holiday event 2014 hematit.png

Ungrateful Thanksgiving (mission trophy)
Thanksgiving special 2014.png

Thanksgiving (competition trophies)
Thanksgiving gold.png Thanksgiving silver.png Thanksgiving bronze.png Thanksgiving hematit.png

Mid-November Madness (competition series)
November madness 2014 gold.png November madness 2014 silver.png November madness 2014 bronze.png November madness 2014 hematit.png

Nordic Father's Day (mission series)

Nordic fathers day 2014 gold.png Nordic fathers day 2014 silver.png Nordic fathers day 2014 bronze.png

Halloween (silver: mission series / others: use unknown)

Halloween 2014 gold.png Halloween 2014 silver.png Halloween 2014 bronze.png Halloween 2014 special.png

Summer Fiesta (mission series)

Summer fiesta 01.png Summer fiesta 02.png Summer fiesta 03.png Summer fiesta 04.png Summer fiesta 05.png Summer fiesta 06.png

Football Jamboree 2014 (trophies for guessing the correct World Cup 2014 winners)
Football jamboree gold.png Football jamboree silver.png Football jamboree bronze.png

Easter (campaign trophies)
Easter 2014 set 1.png Easter 2014 set 2.png Easter 2014 set 3.png
Easter 2014 set 4.png Easter 2014 set 5.png Easter 2014 set 6.png Easter 2014 set 7.png Easter 2014 set 8.png Easter 2014 set 9.png Easter 2014 set 10.png

Easter (competition trophies)

Easter 2014 gold.png Easter 2014 silver.png Easter 2014 bronze.png Easter 2014 hematite.png

Womanly Woman Competitions (World Women's Day)

Womanly woman gold.png Womanly woman silver.png Womanly woman bronze.png

Manly Man Competition

Manly man gold.png Manly man silver.png Manly man bronze.png

Quadrennial Bird Games
Quadrennial bird games 2014 trophy 01.png Quadrennial bird games 2014 trophy 02.png Quadrennial bird games 2014 trophy 03.png Quadrennial bird games 2014 trophy 04.png

Valentine's Day (competition series)
Valentine 2014 trophy elk 01.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 02.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 03.png
Valentine 2014 trophy elk 04.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 05.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 06.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 07.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 08.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 09.png Valentine 2014 trophy elk 10.png

Valentine 2014 trophy deer 01.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 02.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 03.png
Valentine 2014 trophy deer 04.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 05.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 06.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 07.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 08.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 09.png Valentine 2014 trophy deer 10.png

Valentine 2014 trophy fox 01.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 02.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 03.png
Valentine 2014 trophy fox 04.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 05.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 06.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 07.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 08.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 09.png Valentine 2014 trophy fox 10.png


2013 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday (competition series)
Holidays 2013 plaquet 01.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 02.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 03.png
Holidays 2013 plaquet 04.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 05.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 06.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 07.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 08.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 09.png Holidays 2013 plaquet 10.png

Holidays 2013 trophy 01.png Holidays 2013 trophy 02.png Holidays 2013 trophy 03.png
Holidays 2013 trophy 04.png Holidays 2013 trophy 05.png Holidays 2013 trophy 06.png Holidays 2013 trophy 07.png Holidays 2013 trophy 08.png Holidays 2013 trophy 09.png Holidays 2013 trophy 10.png

Thanksgiving (competition series)
Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 01.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 02.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 03.png
Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 04.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 05.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 06.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 07.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 08.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 09.png Thanksgiving 2013 trophy 10.png

Halloween 1.png Halloween 2.png Halloween 3.png
Halloween 4.png Halloween 5.png Halloween 6.png Halloween 7.png Halloween 8.png Halloween 9.png Halloween 10.png

Summer Hunt (competition series)

Summer 2013 gold.png Summer 2013 silver.png Summer 2013 bronze.png Summer 2013 hematite.png

Easter (campaign trophies)
Easter 2013 diamond.png Easter 2013 ruby.png Easter 2013 emerald.png Easter 2013 sapphire.png Easter 2013 platinum.png Easter 2013 gold.png Easter 2013 silver.png Easter 2013 bronze.png Easter 2013 hematite.png Easter 2013 plastic.png

Partner Week (competition series)
Partner gold.png Partner silver.png Partner bronze.png Partner hematit.png

Valentine's Day (mission trophies)
Valentine gold.png Valentine silver.png Valentine bronze.png


2012 Special Event Trophies

Christmas Holiday Season (campaign trophies)
Snowglobe diamond.png Snowglobe emerald.png Snowglobe gold.png Snowglobe silver.png Snowglobe hematit.png

Christmas Holiday Season (competition series)
Snowflake gold.png Snowflake silver.png Snowflake bronze.png

Thanksgiving (competition series)
Thanksgiving gold.png Thanksgiving silver.png Thanksgiving bronze.png


2011 Special Event Trophies

Expansive Worlds 1-Year Anniversary Competition
1year gold.png 1year silver.png 1year bronze.png

Win a TrackIR Kit (sponsored by NaturalPoint! / competition trophy)


2010 Special Event Trophies

EHR Masters Community Competition [1]
EmcGold.png EmcSilver.png EmcBronze.png

Win a Bow Competition
Compoundbowmedalgold.png Compoundbowmedalsilver.png Compoundbowmedalbronze.png

2009 Special Event Trophies

Win a Bow Competition
Compoundbowplaquegold.png Compoundbowplaquesilver.png Compoundbowplaquebronze.png


Trophies for Regular Competitions (no longer in use)

Some of these trophies were still made by the original producer emote. Their usage diminished greatly after EW took charge. Many were replaced in the competition and trophy overhaul of June 3, 2021.

Generic Trophy Version 1
Coin gold.png Coin silver.png Coin bronze.png

Generic Trophy Version 2

Captain Munch Design

These trophies were handed out for most competitions. They were designed by contributor "Captain Munch" as part of a competition. They replaced the Coin (above) in March 2016. Their usage ended in June 2021 with the introduction of the animal shaped trophies.
Regular comps gold.png Regular comps silver.png Regular comps bronze.png

Whitetail Deer
Trophy wt gold.png Trophy wt silver.png Trophy wt bronze.png

Mule Deer
Trophy mule gold.png Trophy mule silver.png Trophy mule bronze.png

Roosevelt Elk (Bull)
Trophy elk gold.png Trophy elk silver.png Trophy elk bronze.png

Roosevelt Elk (Cow)
Trophy elk cow gold.png Trophy elk cow silver.png Trophy elk cow bronze.png

Coyotegoldtrophy.png Coyotesilvertrophy.png Coyotebronzetrophy.png

Trophy turkey gold.png Trophy turkey silver.png Trophy turkey bronze.png

Pheasant original gold.png Pheasant original silver.png Pheasant original bronze.png

Whitetail Marksman (long range competition)
Trophy mm gold.png Trophy mm silver.png Trophy mm bronze.png

Elk Sharpshooter (heart shot competition)
Elk ss gold.png Elk ss silver.png Elk ss bronze.png

Side by Side Shotgun
Sxs gold.png Sxs silver.png Sxs bronze.png

Pump Action Shotgun
Plaque sg gold.png Plaque sg silver.png Plaque sg bronze.png

.44 Revolver
Plaque 44 gold.png Plaque 44 silver.png Plaque 44 bronze.png

.300 Lever Action Rifle
Plaque 300 gold.png Plaque 300 silver.png Plaque 300 bronze.png

Turkey "big"
Trophy turkey big gold.png Trophy turkey big silver.png Trophy turkey big bronze.png

Trophy tower gold.png Trophy tower silver.png Trophy tower bronze.png

Trophy spot gold.png Trophy spot silver.png Trophy spot bronze.png

Trophy mem gold.png Trophy mem silver.png Trophy mem bronze.png

Unknown "MM Trophies"
MM trophy gold.png MM trophy silver.png MM trophy bronze.png MM trophy hematite.png