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This page showcases and explains the Tree Stand which was added on the 20th of January 2011 as a new obtainable item.

The Tree Stand is a platform attached to a tree, creating an elevated and more disclosed position for the hunter. Bow hunters are particularly fond of the Stand as it creates a position of closeness to the animal which can otherwise be tricky to obtain.

Almost every tree has the potential to become a hunting tower with this lightweight and durable shooting platform.


  • Establish a new permanent tower in almost any tree
  • Provides good visual camo and excellent scent reduction
  • Up to 15 can be set up in each reserve at the same time
  • Can be dismantled and moved

Correct Use

To use, equip with the "0"-key, go up to a correct tree and click Mouse 1 (left mouse button by default).

For a successful mount the following criteria need to be met:

  • Stand next to a tree that's mountable, it needs to be:
    • Straight enough
    • Wide enough around the trunk
    • Clear of obtrusive branches at mount height

While both standing and crouching is allowed in the Tree Stand, proning is prohibited. The Tree Stand allows the full 360 degrees of rotation but the player will remain in the same place horizontally.

While the mount and dismount is instant, the sound played is audible by surrounding animals in about a 100m (350ft) radius.

Camouflage factor is about equal to a Tower and the player should be more or less completely concealed from 40m (145ft) and out with decreased camouflage the closer the animal gets.

How to Mount & Dismount

  • If a tree is mountable, the following message will appear: Press MOUSE 1 to mount tree stand
  • If a tree IS NOT mountable, the following message will appear: Can not mount tree stand here
  • To dismount the Tree Stand press "E" on your keyboard. The Tree Stand will automatically return to your inventory.


Image/s from when mounted in the Tree Stand.