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Reserve inspired by: Rocky Mountains
Season: Fall
Timbergold Trails is the largest reserve of the EHR when released in October 2016 featuring a number of new animals species. It consists of mountainous parts as well as flatter areas with Aspen, Larch and Ponderosa Pine trees. Red-osier bushes decorate the shores of the many lakes that are connected with rivers. You will discover many new building types at the lodges and the abandoned settlements as well as bridges. Enjoy the stroll and the hunt!

Permanent Huntable Species

Special Event Species


Goldhorn Pass (west) - starting point for

Everfall Lodge (east) - starting point for

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No Low Scene Complexity

Timbergold Trails is not available in a "low" scene complexity setting. The explanation from EW:
Each reserve we have made to date has supported low scene complexity. This means every tree, shrub, rock and so on, requires a low-poly model to be created. As everyone knows, graphics technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the release of theHunter, and this is an area that continues to develop rapidly. Unfortunately we cannot afford to be held back by older hardware or system configurations any longer, and we have taken the hard decision to release this reserve with medium, through to very high graphics settings only. It is hoped that this decision will assure a more aesthetically pleasing and polished gameplay experience for the majority and, from an internal development perspective, optimise and streamline the process of creating new reserves and associated assets.

If you have set this value to "low" in your Game Settings, the game will automatically apply the "medium" scene complexity setting.

Animal Map

This is a community made map and is based on players' experience in the game. It is a simple attempt to display where animals spawn in this reserve, and NOT where you might find them during a hunting session. The map shows where you can expect to find the animals in maybe 80% of your hunts right after you start the game. The animals can also appear in other places, but they will with less frequency.

The animals are shown on the map in clusters. This approach does not do the game perfect justice, but the map becomes easy to understand. Imagine a circle around each animal icon and you will get an idea about their predominant spawning locations.



These tunnels can be used to fast travel. Press "E" when standing in front of a tunnel.
Map courtesy of DonderDeer

Click to enlarge.
Tt tunnel map.png

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