Tenpoint Carbon Fusion Crossbow (Camo)

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Reverse Draw Crossbow (Winter Camo)

Reverse Draw Crossbow (Forest Camo)

3x Tenpoint Crossbow Scope

Crossbow Arrows

Crossbow Arrows (Blue Tracer Flare)


A remarkable 20-ounces lighter than the original Phantom CLS, the NEW Carbon Fusion CLS is equipped with the industry’s first woven carbon fiber barrel to produce a whisper-quiet, vibration-free shot. A powerful visual statement, this new pinnacle in crossbow performance unleashes its fury at a devastating 345 FPS.

The spooking radius is the exact same as that of the Reverse Draw Crossbow.



Permitted Species

All species can be shot except the Werewolf.


Zero Settings
Mode Pin Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights
Top Pin 20 ~65
Bottom Pin 40 ~131
Crossbow Scope
Top Pin 10 ~33
Second Pin 20 ~66
Third Pin 30 ~98
Bottom Pin 40 ~131


2.5 units *


TheHunter_-_Crossbow_Sight_Comparisons Video provided by community member hollyday50.


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