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Val-des-Bois Travel Missions

Hunter, Max the Taxidermist here. I have expanded my services to make decorative objects from animals instead of just stuffing them. With every piece I sell I have also started to send a story about the area from which the materials came from. However, my supplier has almost cleared the hunting grounds on which he has gotten materials from. Would you be interested in supplying me for a while?

The Evil Grin I have heard about an area in Val-des-Bois called The Evil Grin. It sounds like an interesting place, could you go there and see how the wildlife situation is?
The Calm Pond The Evil Grin sure had a ton of activity. Can you also check out the activity around The Calm Pond and L'ancien Château?
Deliver Some Bones Val-des-Bois sure has a lot of wildlife. I got some orders for a Fox pelt and bone mug, we know where the animals are now so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
Pelts All Around Splendid, more orders are coming in. The fox pelt buyer would like more of them and he also wanted a bear pelt this time.
Horn Mug A new order came in that is a bit more interesting. A customer would like some horn mugs made from Alpine Ibex. Take another Fox with you though, there seems to be a high demand for those right now.
Stuffed Animals Interesting, a rather unusual order just came in. Have you heard of The Devil's Teapot? A customer specifically ordered a stuffed Alpine Ibex and a stuffed Brown Bear from that area. He wants the Brown Bear to be killed with arrows.

More Stuffed Animals Apparently I got that last order wrong, which is fine cause he didn't like the bear... or The Devil's Teapot... Anyhow, he wanted the two animals put together. He wants an Alpine Ibex to be killed with arrows this time. The other animal he wants is a Roe Deer.
Freak of nature Aaaaaaand he is still not pleased. I keep getting payed so I really don't mind, apart from the weird stuffed animals he wants me to do. He now wants a double Deer/Ibex stuffed, preferably killed by a shotgun.
Pleased At Last Finally pleased that guy! He still wants more though, must be rich. Now he mostly want information about how the animals behave in Val-des-Bois.
Mutant After getting all that info he apparently lost it all together. He wants a stuffed animal combined of every animal at Val-des-Bois, but who am I to judge people. He wants you to use a 7mm rifle on as many as animals as possible.

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