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Every player has three skills that develop over time and make the hunting a bit easier every time the next level is reached. All skills start at level 1 and are maxed out at level 20.

Click on your hunter name in the top bar, then click Skills.
- The Tracking and Spotting skills are increased per species.
- The Shooting skill is increased per weapon. Many weapons share the shooting skill.



Main article: Tracking Skill
Tracking is the players ability to gather information from the tracks left by animals in the game. This includes things like, the approximate direction traveled and approximate location of a calling animal. As the player gain more experience more specific information can be gathered such as gender, weight and the age of the track.


Main article: Spotting Skill
Spotting is the players ability to detect and analyze animals within the game. A successful spot draws an outline around an animal for a short period of time allowing the player to easily track it through dense vegetation. Spotting also provides increasingly detailed information, such as gender or estimations for weight and score.


Main article: Shooting Skill
Hitting your target will raise your skill level for each weapon.