The shooting skills are part of the game's Skill system.

Hitting your target will raise your skill level for each weapon.

Levels: 1 to 20


Higher shooting skills will let you

  • experience less gun and bow wobble when aiming
  • hold breath longer
  • hold vertical bows longer in full draw [1]

Earning XP

As you reach a higher level of shooting you will receive an in-game message letting you know that your weapons skills level has been increased.

  • Only hits on permitted species increase this skill.
  • It is not the kills that count, but the hits. If you hit an animal multiple times, every hit will count.
  • It is not possible to increase your shooting level at the shooting ranges.
  • Most weapons require their own leveling. A higher level for one weapon does not have an influence on another weapon, even if it is the same type. For example, your shooting level of the Snakebite bow has no influence on your shooting behavior with the Parker bow.
  • The general rule is: texture variation = same skill / new model = separate skill

Shared Skills

There are shared skills for weapons that only vary in their texture.


Lever action rifle 405.png
Lever action rifle 405 engraved.png
.405 (Engraved)
Riflelever 4570 01.png
.45-70 (Laminated Wood)
Riflelever 4570 02.png
.45-70 (Engraved)
Bolt action rifle 308 carbon.png
.308 (Carbon)
Bolt action rifle 308 engraved.png
.308 (Engraved)
Bolt action rifle 300 256.png
.300 (Composite)
Rifle 300 03.png
.300 (Winter Camo)
Bolt action rifle anschutz 8x57 256.png
8x57 Anschütz (Wood)
Bolt action rifle anschutz 8x57 holidays.png
8x57 Anschütz (Holidays)
Bolt action rifle anschutz 9x63 256.png
9.3x62 Anschütz
Bolt action rifle anschutz engraved 93x62 256.png
9.3x62 Anschütz (Engraved)
Lever action rifle 3006 1024.png
.30-06 (Wood)
Lever action rifle 3006 forest.png
.30-06 (Forest Camo)
7mm-08 Scout Bolt Action Rifle.png
7mm-08 (Scout)
7mm-08 Scout Bolt Action Rifle Elite.png
7mm-08 Scout Elite
Bolt action rifle 7x64.png
7x64mm (Wood)
Bolt action rifle 7x64 engraved.png
7x64mm (Engraved)
Bolt action rifle 270 256.png
.270 (Wood)
Bolt action rifle 270 composite.png
.270 (Composite)
Bolt action rifle 270 engraved.png
.270 (Grey Wolf)
Bolt action rifle 270 cotw.png
.270 (Call of the Wild)
Bolt action rifle 223 marble 256.png
.223 Bolt Action (Marble)
Bolt action rifle 223 wood 256.png
.223 Bolt Action (Wood)
223 semi-auto forest.png
.223 Semi-Auto (Forest)
223 semi-auto black.png
.223 Semi-Auto (Black)
Lever action rifle 30-30 1024.png
.30-30 (Liberator)
Lever action rifle 30-30 lone star 1024.png
.30-30 Lone Star
30r break action rifle.png
.30 R O/U
30r break action rifle engraved.png
.30 R O/U (Engraved)
30r break action rifle engraved2.png
.30 R O/U (Engraved II)
7mm magnum break action rifle 1024.png
7mm (Stambecco)
Break action 7mm bouquetin.png
7mm (Bouquetin)
9.3x74r break action rifle.png
9.3x74R O/U
9.3x74r break action rifle engraved.png
9.3x74R O/U (Engraved)
Semi auto rifle 22.png
Plinkington Blue Marble
Semi auto rifle 22 winter.png
Plinkington Winter Camo
Semi auto rifle 22 wood.png
Plinkington Wood


10ga lever action shotgun.png
10 GA Lever Action
10ga lever action shotgun royal.png
10 GA Lever Action Royal
Shotgun pump 12ga 256.png
12 GA Pump Action
Shotgun pump 12ga gold.png
12 GA Pump Action Gold
Shotgun pump 12ga primal.png
12 GA Pump Action Primal
Shotgun oau 12ga 256.png
12 GA Blaser F3
Shotgun oau 12ga custom 1024.png
12 GA Blaser F3 Custom
Shotgun sxs 12ga 256.png
12 GA SxS Wood
Shotgun sxs engraved 12ga 256.png
12 GA SxS Engraved
16GA 9.3x74R Drilling.png
16GA 9.3x74R Drilling engraved.png
Drilling Engraved


Handgun 308 256.png
.308 Handgun "Rival"
Handgun 308 highwayman.png
.308 Handgun "Highwayman"
Handgun 308 wolfsbane.png
.308 Handgun "Wolfsbane"
454 revolver el toro.png
.454 Revolver El Toro
454 revolver el bisonte.png
.454 Revolver El Bisonte
Revolver 357 256.png
.357 Revolver Black
Revolver 357 firstlady 1024.png
.357 Revolver First Lady

Bows and Crossbows

Compound bow 256.png
Snakebite winter camo.png
Snakebite Winter Camo
Compound bow parker python.png
"Parker Python"
Compound bow red dragon oriental.png
Red Dragon
Compound bow pulsar.png
Compound bow pulsar winter.png
Pulsar Winter Camo
Compound bow pulsar forest.png
Pulsar Forest Camo
Compound bow pulsar orange.png
Pulsar Blazing Orange
Recurve bow 256.png
Recurve Bow Modern
Recurve bow carbon.png
Recurve Bow Carbon
Reverse draw crossbow black.png
RD Crossbow Black
Reverse draw crossbow winter.png
RD Crossbow Winter
Reverse draw crossbow forest.png
RD Crossbow Forest
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