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Entering the shooting ranges gives you the ability to practice your shooting skills without interfering with your hunting statistics and without using any of your inventory ammo.



Redfeather Falls

Darkwood Lodge at Redfeather Falls Range archeryaddictions.jpg

See also Archery Addictions Range

Whitehart Island

The Causeway Lodge at Whitehart Island Range causeway.jpg

Southcliff Lodge at Whitehart Island Range southcliff.jpg

Logger's Point

The Field Lodge at Logger's Point Range field.jpg

The Border Lodge at Logger's Point Range border.jpg

Timbergold Trails

The Goldhorn Pass Lodge at Timbergold Trails
Walk north and the shooting range is right there. It features targets for rifle shooting as well as a clay launching for shotguns.

The Everfall Lodge at Timbergold Trails
There is an Archery Addictions range, however unlike in Redfeather Falls, this range features bow targets.