A season in theHunter is a terminated time span for the Leaderboards. During a season all shot animals are ranked by scores and shot distances. At the end of every season the highest scores and the longest shots are transferred to the Hall of Fame. For every animal the according player is listed.

There is no fix schedule for when a new season starts nor is there a defined length. A new season usually starts when there is a major update in the game, e.g. a new reserve or animal is added, or a major novelty such as TruRACS or Multiplayer. The shortest season was season 2 which only lasted 23 days. Nowadays a season will usually run somewhere between 3 to 10 months.

Check the Animal Scoring History to see which animal was added in which season.

What they are not

These Seasons have nothing to do with the annual cycle divisions of spring, summer, fall or winter. The reserves are set to fix seasons, e.g. the Hirschfelden reserve is always in Fall season, no matter when you hunt in it.

Seasons Overview

Season Start Length (days) Reason for change Release notes
1 27.01.2009 71 Whitehart Island with Mule Deer (was later moved to Logger's Point), Whitetail Deer and Turkey
2 08.04.2009 23 Roosevelt Elk
3 01.05.2009 48 "Doc's Outfitters" (store), Hall of Fame
4 18.06.2009 56 New racks for Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Roosevelt Elk
(Coyote was added during the running season)
5 13.08.2009 286 Membership bundles and Personal Best's
6 26.05.2010 239 Logger's Point with new Blacktail Deer (was later moved to Whitehart Island), new Feral Hog and other species
Pheasant and Settler Creeks were added during the running season
7 20.01.2011 97 Several updates to antlers and scoring Release_2011012001
8 27.04.2011 223 Redfeather Falls with new Black Bear and other species
Moose was added during the running season
9 06.12.2011 128 TruRACS Release_2011120601
10 12.04.2012 75 Hirschfelden with new Wild Boar, new Roe Deer and other species Release_2012041201
11 26.06.2012 86 Red Deer Release_2012062601
12 20.09.2012 181 Muzzleloader Release_2012092001
13 20.03.2013 75 Hemmeldal with new Brown Bear and other species Release_2013032001
14 03.06.2013 196 Multiplayer
Red Fox was added during the running season
15 16.12.2013 101 Rougarou Bayou with new Mallard Duck and other species Release_2013121601
16 27.03.2014 239 Canada Goose
Cottontail Rabbit, Reindeer and Val-des-Bois with Alpine Ibex were added during the running season
17 21.11.2014 320 No particular reason.
Added during the running season:
Official notes
18 07.10.2015 0 No information available
19 07.10.2015 254 No particular reason.
Added during the running season:
Official notes
20 17.06.2016 337 No particular reason.
Added during the running season:
21 20.05.2017 116 Trophy Lodge
22 13.09.2017 196 Bobcat, resizing of Grey Wolf and Coyote.
Added during the running season:
Official notes
23 28.03.2018 322 Updated scores for Water Buffalo, Banteng, Sambar Deer, Rusa Deer
Added during the running season:
Official notes
24 13.02.2019 275 No particular reason.
25 15.11.2019 87 No particular reason.
26 10.02.2020 ongoing... No particular reason.
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