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Purpose and Usage

Scents work great for specific luring of a spotted animal or group, or for blind luring. Apply the spray and move to a good observation position, or into a stand.

  • Urine scent sprays are used to attract animals to a certain spot.
  • Consider calling animals closer with a caller to bring them into the reach of the spray. T
  • The sprays have a radial reach of 150m / 500ft reach.
  • Wind does not influence their effect in any way.
  • There are no objects that need to be sprayed. Just spray anywhere, even in the air or on water will work. The game will remember the position.
  • The attraction time for scent sprays is 20 game minutes (10 real minutes).

Scents Available

Spray Attracted Animals Spray Attracted Animals
Scent axis deer.png Axis Deer Scent blacktail 256.png Blacktail Deer
Scent bobcat.png Bobcat Scent eurasian lynx.png Eurasian Lynx
Scent fallow deer.png Fallow Deer Scent hog 256.png Feral Hog
Wild Boar
Scent moose 256.png Moose Scent mule deer 256.png Mule Deer
Scent puma.png Puma Scent red deer.png Red Deer
Scent rocky mountain elk.png Rocky Mountain Elk Scent roosevelt elk 256.png Roosevelt Elk
Scent roe deer 256.png Roe Deer Scent rusa deer.png Rusa Deer
Scent sambar deer.png Sambar Deer Scent sitka deer.png Sitka Deer
Scent whitetail 256.png Whitetail Deer

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