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Banteng Missions

A local farmer by the name of Samuel needs your help in culling the overpopulation of banteng in Piccabeen Bay. Unfortunately due to the recent rise in banteng numbers, his rice fields have unfortunately been caught up in their frequent randomly occuring stampedes. Samuel has reached out to all hunters and zoologists alike to put an end to this predicament.

Source of the Problem Greetings! The villagers told me you would come. I presume Doc told you about the banteng incident that's been going on as of late? I've tried seeking the help of animal experts and herders to try and move the beasts away from our fields but they just keep coming back. I've decided that the only way to rid ourselves of the threat is to take more aggressive measures. Well, I'll leave you to your work. You should surely encounter one of those pesky cows upon the moment you head into the southern parts of the rainforest near our village. Don't worry, they aren't as dangerous as the wild water buffalos.
Retribution Will Follow Welcome back. I take it you found a few on your expedition? While you were gone, some of my fellow farmers came by and told me that their cassava crops were trampled upon by a random herd of banteng. This is not okay. We need to show them that we have grown tired of their aggressive behavior and are willing to fight back if necessary! Please do me this favor, hunter. Naturally, I will pay you for your efforts.
Tipping the Scales You did it! That should surely put the beasts on edge. Now is the time to strike back and take full control of our fields. One banteng is not going to be enough to push them away from the village. I would suspect that they are scheming to get revenge in some way or form. In our village, we believe that there is more to an animal than what meets the eye. On other words, they may look simple and harmless on the outside, but they think and act just as cunning as a human would when need be. I will not hold you up any longer, I'm sure you will find ways to help us take control our farms.
Rumors Come quick! Some of the locals told me that they spotted a banteng with really large horns leading a smaller group of banteng near Saint Pauli's Lighthouse towards the eastern shores of the rainforest. I believe that this banteng is one of the leaders responsible for ruining the cassava crops. Just like in any society, if the leader is taken out then the group is sent into disarray. That, hunter, will be the moment we pick ourselves up out of the mud.
Revenge Will be Swift No! I just got word that the trees in our banana plantation to the north have been uprooted. I can only think this is the work of the banteng in that area. I swear, these creatures will never learn! Hunter, do me the favor of swiftly delivering judgement upon them. They must learn that all evil actions have consequences, this is the only way.
Restoring Peace and Order I'm glad you're back. We've taken action into rebuilding the crops and plantations that were ruined by those vulgar beasts. Unfortunately our sentries found a group of banteng are slowly creeping their way back into our territory and I can only believe that they bring ruin and damnation to all of us innocents. You've done so much for us already but I'm in need of your assistance until the problem has been thoroughly dealt with. I will pay you generously for all your hard work. Oh, one last thing. Bring a quiet weapon with you, we want to take them out without the risk of luring in more of those brutes.
High on Caffeine It was all a ruse, hunter! A neighboring village south of here just notified us that their coffee plantations have all been ruined. I cannot take this anymore! We need to put an end to this once and for all. These banteng are cunning, I'll give them that. I'm going to figure out where their leader is hiding. In the meantime, please take out the banteng group that caused this destruction. I'd advise to take them out from a distance though. Caffeine-empowered banteng is truly a force to be reckoned with.
The High Ground and Low Ground I may have pinpointed a location where the leader is hiding. I'll need you to head into the rainforest and take to the skies as I narrow in on the leader's position. I'm sure there will guards in the area so if you can distract them while I close in, then we might be able to put an end to this madness.
Hired Mercenaries Aha! It's just as I thought. The banteng have acquired some pretty strong allies. Look there, do you see the water buffalo near the easternmost island of the swamps? They are guarding the banteng leader a bit further ahead of them. These two water buffalo are not your typical water buffalo however so I advice caution. Although risky, I suggest you get a close up shot of them to ensure that they don't run off and notify their brothers for backup. I'm leaving this into your hands. I'm going to sneak ahead and see what we are dealing with.
Boss Banteng Hmm, there it is, hunter. It may look like just another normal-looking banteng but this guy is definitely their leader. It has a very subtle chip on its left horn. This, according to our village's beliefs, is a mark of leadership amongst these kinds of animals. Let there be no mercy for the wicked. This banteng is responsible for attacking our village time and time again. He must be put down. Be sure to make it a clean kill, just as Doc would have wanted. It is the least kindness I can offer this foul beast.

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