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The sambar is a large deer native to the Indian subcontinent, southern China, and Southeast Asia. Sambar were introduced into Australia's Victoria in the 1860s. They quickly adapted to the swamp and thereafter spread into the high country, where in 2017, numbers were estimated at between 750,000 and one million animals. In Australia, hunting sambar is a popular sport. Australian hunting fraternities prize large sambar trophies.


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Piccabeen Bay


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Samber Deer
Scent Spray

Sambar Deer Missions

Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Entering the Odd Zone 100
Sample Analysis 200
Second-Rate Results 300
Sambar Epidemic 400
Inconclusive Results 600
Witchcraft? No. Science! 800 These missions do not have to bee done in the prescribed order, and you may complete more than one at the time.
Shoot for Your Life
  • Harvest two male Sambar Deer within 10 minutes of each harvest.
The Resistance
  • Harvest a male Sambar Deer at 100% Harvest Value with a score of 210 or higher at under 40 meters (Approx. 131 feet).
  • Then, harvest a male Sambar Deer at 100% Harvest Value with a score of 215 or higher at under 30 meters (Approx. 98 feet).
  • Finally, harvest a male Sambar Deer at 100% Harvest Value with a score of 220 or higher at under 25 meters (Approx. 82 feet).
1200 This mission can be completed with a single stag if all three requirements are met for the third task.
A Shocking Turn of Events 1800
Patient Zero
  • Harvest "Patient Zero" by the large beach north of Piccabeen Bay (X: 6.273, Y: 6.330) at over 100 meters (Approx. 328 feet) with 100% Harvest Value.



Permitted Ammunition

Arrows compound standard orange 256.png
Balls lead 50 256.png
.50 Ball
50 conical bullet.png
.50 Con.
Cartridges 45 70 government 256.png
Cartridges 405.png
Cartridges 340 weatherby.png
Cartridges 300 256.png
Cartridges 93x62 256.png
Cartridges 9.3x74r.png
Cartridges 7mm magnum 256.png
Cartridges 30r.png
Cartridges 8x57 256.png
8x57 IS
Cartridges 303 british 256.png
Cartridges 308 256.png
Cartridges 3006 round nose.png
Cartridges 3006 256.png
Cartridges 762x54r 256.png
Cartridges 7x64.png
Cartridges 7mm-08 hp.png
7-08 HP
50 lead bullet.png
.50 Lead
Cartridges 454 revolver el toro.png
Cartridges 45 revolver.png
Cartridges 44 256.png
10mm auto ammunition.png
Shells 10ga slug.png
10ga Slug
Shells 12ga slug 256.png
12ga Slug
Shells 16ga slug.png
16ga Slug

See full list here.

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