Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
The Fundamentals of the Rusa 100
The Two Rusa 200
The Return of the Rusa
  • First, harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer with any Recurve Bow at over 40 meters.
  • Then, harvest a male Rusa Deer with one shot while standing at under 20 meters.
An Unexpected Rusa
  • Harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer weighing less than 130 kg (Approx. 286 lbs).
  • Harvest a male Feral Hog in Piccabeen Bay.
The Desolation of Rusa 600
The Battle of the Five Rusa 800
The Phantom Rusa 1000 Do not harvest the first shot Rusa Deer, but rather wait until you have shot a second. Then harvest both within 5 minutes.
Revenge of the Rusa 1200
The Rusa Awakens
  • Harvest a male Rusa Deer with a heartshot at 30 meters (Approx. 98 feet) or further with a score of 120 or higher. Other organs may be hit.
The Last Rusa
  • Kill two Rusa Deer at the same time with a single shot.
3600 This is only possible with a shotgun and buckshot ammo. Use a lure to bring two rusa deer (preferably females) come to the same spot so that they overlap. Then shot on chest level between both of them.
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