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The Javan rusa or Sunda sambar is a deer native to the islands of Indonesia and East Timor. Introduced populations exist in a wide variety of locations in the Southern Hemisphere. Rusa deer are active mostly in the early morning and late afternoon. They are rarely seen in the open and are very difficult to approach due to their keen senses and cautious instincts.


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Piccabeen Bay


Caller rusa deer.png Scent rusa deer.png
Rusa Deer Caller Rusa Deer
Scent Spray

Rusa Deer Missions

Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Episode 1: The Fundamentals of the Rusa
  • ID a Rusa Deer dropping.
  • Spot a Rusa Deer.
Episode 2: The Two Rusa
  • First, harvest a male Rusa Deer.
  • Then, harvest another male Rusa Deer in the same hunt.
Episode 3: The Return of the Rusa
  • First, harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer with any Recurve Bow at over 40 meters.
  • Then, harvest a male Rusa Deer with one shot while standing at under 20 meters.
Episode 4: An Unexpected Rusa
  • Harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer weighing less than 130 kg (Approx. 286 lbs).
  • Harvest a male Feral Hog in Piccabeen Bay.
Episode 5: The Desolation of Rusa
  • Spot a Rusa Deer.
  • Spot another Rusa Deer.
  • Harvest a Sambar Deer with a weight of 420 kg (Approx. 926 lbs) or higher using any Crossbow with one shot.
Episode 6: The Battle of the Five Rusa 800
Episode 7: The Phantom Rusa
  • Harvest two Rusa Deer within 5 minutes.
1000 Do not harvest the first shot Rusa Deer, but rather wait until you have shot a second. Then harvest both within 5 minutes.
Episode 8: Revenge of the Rusa
  • First, harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer with a heartshot. Other organs may be hit.
  • Then, harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer at under 20 meters (Approx. 65 feet) while standing.
  • Finally, harvest an unspooked male Rusa Deer at 100% Harvest Value from a Treestand, Blind, Tripod Stand, Tower or Shooting Tripod.
Episode 9: The Rusa Awakens
  • Harvest a male Rusa Deer with a heartshot at 30 meters (Approx. 98 feet) or further with a score of 120 or higher. Other organs may be hit.
Episode 10: The Last Rusa
  • Kill two Rusa Deer at the same time with a single shot.
3600 This is only possible with a shotgun and buckshot ammo. Use a lure to bring two rusa deer (preferably females) come to the same spot so that they overlap. Then shot on chest level between both of them.

Permitted Ammunition

Arrows compound standard orange 256.png
Balls lead 50 256.png
.50 Ball
45 saboted bullet.png
.45 Sab.
Cartridges 300 256.png
Cartridges 93x62 256.png
Cartridges 9.3x74r.png
Cartridges 7mm magnum 256.png
Cartridges 30r.png
Cartridges 8x57 256.png
8x57 IS
Cartridges 303 british 256.png
Cartridges 308 256.png
.308 Rifle
Cartridges 3006 round nose.png
Cartridges 3006 256.png
Cartridges 762x54r 256.png
Cartridges 7x64.png
Cartridges 7mm-08 hp.png
7-08 HP
Cartridges 7mm-08 hv.png
7-08 HV
Cartridges 6.5x55 256.png
Cartridges 30-30 256.png
Cartridges 270 256.png
Cartridges 243 256.png
45 copper bullet.png
.45 Cop.
Cartridges 44 256.png
Cartridges 308 handgun.png
.308 Hand
10mm auto ammunition.png
Cartridges 357 256.png
Shells 10ga slug.png
10ga Slug
Shells 12ga slug 256.png
12ga Slug
Shells 16ga slug.png
16ga Slug
Shells 10ga buckshot.png
10ga Buck
Shells 12ga buckshot 256.png
12ga Buck
Shells 16ga buckshot.png
16ga Buck

See full list here.