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Reserve Overview

Rougarou Icon

Reserve inspired by: US state of Louisiana
Season: Summer
Rougarou Bayou is a swamp/marsh dominated environment. It features two main "biotopes" based on Water Hickory and Bald Cypress trees found on the patches of land surrounded by shallow water areas.

Huntable Species


  • Whispering Woods in the north

Whispering Woods

  • L'île du Canard Noir in the south


Animal Map

This is a community made map and is based on players' experience in the game. It is a simple attempt to display where animals spawn in this reserve, and NOT where you might find them during a hunting session. The map shows where you can expect to find the animals in maybe 80% of your hunts right after you start the game. The animals can also appear in other places, but they will with less frequency.

The animals are shown on the map in clusters. This approach does not do the game perfect justice, but the map becomes easy to understand. Imagine a circle around each animal icon and you will get an idea about their predominant spawning locations.


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