Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Getting Hooked - Part 1 100
Getting Hooked - Part 2 100
Getting Hooked - Part 3 100
Twilight Aria
  • Identify a call from a male Elk.
  • Identify a call from a female Elk.
  • Harvest a female Elk.
  • Harvest a female Elk.
6 Points of Madness
  • Harvest a male Elk with at least 6 typical points.
Introductions - Part 1
  • Spot a fine female Elk.
  • Spot a dandy male Elk.
Introductions - Part 2
  • Identify the a tracks from three different Roosevelt Elk within a span of 5 min.
  • Harvest an Elk from under 45.72m (approx. 150ft.).
Taking Down the King
  • Harvest an Elk Bull over 453.6kg (approx. 1000lbs).
Requests & Favors
  • Harvest an Elk Bull with at least 10 typical points.
Take an Elk from a Tower 1200
Lucky 7
  • Harvest a 2pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 4pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 6pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 8pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 10pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 12pt Elk Bull.
  • Harvest a 14pt Elk Bull.
1500 Th tasks will complete in the given order. Even if you harvest a 14pt. bull right at the start, the 2pt. task will complete.
In Your Face
  • Harvest an Elk Bull from 15.24m (approx. 50ft.) or less.
Magnum Opus 2100
Perfect Your Range
  • Harvest an Elk at a range of 59.43m - 62.49m (approx. 195 - 205 ft.).
Against the Clock...
  • Harvest an Elk 5 minutes after another.
3800 There is no rush to shoot two elk in quick suggestion. The mission does not require you to shoot, but to harvest them within 5 minutes.
  • Start on Redfeather Falls at the Darkwood Lodge and head north.
  • Locate elk and shoot of them. Do not harvest it.
  • Shoot another and harvest it.
  • Go back to the first shot elk and harvest it within 5 minutes.