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TheHunter has a distance limit at which animals can be seen. In a horizontal plane, animals disappear from your view at a horizontal distance of 220m, 270m or 320m depending on your graphics settings.

The render range depends on the scene complexity setting to allow lower scale computer to still run the game.

  • On "low" scene complexity, the render range is 220m.
  • On "medium" scene complexity, the render range is 270m.
  • On "high" scene complexity, the render range is 320m.

Apart from this setting, the render range is

  • the same for all computers using the same scene complexity regardless of their performance
  • the same for all animals
  • the same for all hunting maps
  • independent of your skill levels
  • independent of your optical equipment
  • independent of any other graphic settings

Up to May 23, 2018, the render range was a fix value of 220m.

Change Notes

These are developer notes given at the release of the changed render range from 220m to 320m:

  • This change does not affect the HunterMate. Even though you can see animals at a greater distance, the HunterMate still functions out to 220m.
  • Animals will not call over 220m and therefore your HunterMate functions exactly the same as it did beforehand.
  • How does the ERR affect animals spooking from gunshots?
    • Depending on the size of the gun, it depends on how far the sound travels and this is true for both single and multiplayer games.
    • Before the change you could not see the animals over 220m fleeing, now you can
    • The spook mechanics have not changed and are working as they always have.
  • All optics work. They lack the magnification at the longer ranges, but you see all animals using them.

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