• Improved search/filter functionality in the store. There is now a new section called 'All Items' where you can search through all the items in the store.
  • Added ammo and fuel subscription information to the top bar for better visibility.
  • Personal Bests are back!
  • We have combined skills and ranks for different versions of the following weapons: .300 Bolt Action Rifles, .223 Semi-Automatic Rifles, .44 Revolvers, and 20 GA SA Shotguns. Existing skills and ranks for different versions of those weapons in the player's stats have been summed up.
  • Competitions' Leaderboard now shows the top 100 participants instead of the top 20.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated a few missions and competitions. We fixed rules and descriptions or added weapons they should have supported but they didn't.
  • Removed mentions of memberships and licenses that we missed during the previous update of the website/launcher.
  • Removed "New" ribbon for all the items that have been in the store for more than 6 months, that we missed in the previous update.
  • Fixed a few outdated or incorrect descriptions in the store (thanks for pointing them out!).
  • Some other minor fixes.
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