• Snow Goose Mission pack. Meet Igsivalitaq (no, the office cat isn't walking on my keyboard, that's actually an Inuit name!) and unveil his story in 10 brand new missions.
  • New winter clothes set, perfect for hunting in cold, sub-arctic regions. It includes 5 items:
    • Arctic Fox Hat (White Fur)
    • Arctic Jacket (White Fur)
    • Arctic Gloves (White Fur)
    • Arctic Boots (White Fur)
    • Arctic Pants (Snow White)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the infamous "un-harvestable animal" bug
  • Fixed a bug where bullets could not be fired through some waterfowl blinds.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Yin & Yang" competition where any animal would count against the competition's goal.
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