• New Species – Werewolf
  • Hockey Mask – Spooky Edition
  • “Wolfsbane” .308 Handgun
  • “Wolfsbane” Crossbow Pistol
  • Silver Bullets
  • Silver Bolts
  • Standard Bolts
  • Added Halloween Skull Collectables
  • Added Halloween mission pack (Rewards the .308 “Wolfsbane” Handgun and Silver Bullets)


  • Spookified Timbergold Trails
  • Brought out Halloween T-Shirt and Halloween face paint from Doc’s Shed

Bug fixes

  • Fix frozen mouse issue some players experienced at high FPS
  • Fixed missing stone supports for hunting lodge
  • Centered the ironsights on .270 and .300 bolt action rifles
  • Updated the keybinding string for “Show Minigames” to “Show Huntermate Apps”
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