• Duck Caller Lanyard: Added functionality to remove your duck callers from the lanyard to the player inventory / dog backpack or vice versa by clicking “Retain/Remove” in the center of the pie menu. Please note that when you have callers attached to the lanyard, they will be not visible in your inventory or your dog’s backpack! (The capacity will still show the correct value.)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for the issue with the electronic caller when it would not attract bobcats if the host was not present while a remote player turns it on
  • Fix for the Duck comeback caller being rotated incorrectly
  • Fix for the Duck comeback caller sometimes working without the Mallard long range caller. Now it should only work after having blown the Mallard Long Range caller first
  • Fix for the the animation synchronization when using bird callers attached to the Duck caller lanyard (pie menu)
  • Fix for the crashes related to the Duck caller lanyard and inventory
  • Fix for the issues with dog vests and some placeable world items related to the Duck caller lanyard.
  • Fix for the visual bug with the single reload of .30R O/U Break Action rifle (it was showing a full cartridge instead of an empty one)
  • Fix for Duck comeback caller attracting a fixed (as opposed to random) number of ducks in a flock – now the number of ducks breaking should be properly randomized
  • Fix for the Duck comeback caller attracting Northern Pintails
  • Fix for the duck callers that are placed in the inventory/dog backpack – now they get automatically attached to the lanyard when starting a game/starting a new session
  • Fix for the issue with invisible HunterMate, arms and weapons when having sunglasses on
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