• Wolves and Coyotes now have a smaller, more realistic size
  • New 22nd season starts today!
  • The Rustic Trophy lodge now features two more medium platforms for all your beautiful bobcats
  • The camo app now features the player backpack icon
  • Boar & Bear behavior: Added a check, so that one can’t exploit the fact that the animal needs to turn to be able to line up a charge. Before, a player could walk up to an angry animal, and then just make sure to walk in a circle around it. Now, the animal will run if the players comes close to it.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for the roaming bug randomly affecting all animals and mostly noticeable with bears, a.k.a. “bear roaming bug”
  • Fix for the yellow tint glasses
  • Fix for the pheasant tail in the trophy lodge
  • Fix for the never ending spinning wheel after harvest screen
  • Fix for hogs and boars “freezing” sometimes when threatened
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