• Functional sunglasses – Sunglasses and tinted glasses now have an actual effect. It can be turned off in the gameplay settings and / or toggled on the fly with help of Z key (default)
  • New sunglasses – Round, Ace and Speed
  • New trophy shot filters – Warmth and Glacier


  • Eyewear and facewear now have different inventory slots, so you can have both glasses and a scarf / moustaches on at the same time
  • A new pose for pheasants added to the Trophy lodge
  • The sound should be lower when inside the Trophy lodge when it’s raining
  • Reindeer is now placed on large wall plaques in the Trophy lodge (please note that all your previously mounted reindeer are re-set to Trophy manager)
  • The top large wall plaque in the Trophy lodge now has a slightly lower position to accommodate for larger antlers
  • A new trophy pose added for reindeer, small adjustments made to red deer and elk poses – should eliminate / make better antler clipping
  • Filter and sort buttons added to the Trophy manager, as well as tooltips to the various buttons in the Trophy lodge selector and editor (now you can hide your trophies)
  • Fix for swapping trophies in the Trophy manager
  • New soundmix fix for the bear moaning sound (bears should now sound less loud)
  • Two more large bird platforms are added to the Trophy lodge
  • Help button added for when inside of the Trophy Lodge
  • Change to the roaming animals AI which should eliminate the situations when players are not able to catch up with roaming animals (bears, deer, goats, wild board etc.)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Happy Camper, Blazing Orange, Army and B&C scarves showing as green in the camo app
  • Fix for the 16GA white barrel issue
  • Fix for rabbits and hares always showing “roaming” tracks
  • Fix for the game crash / freeze during the trophy shot
  • Fix for distance calculation on the map
  • Fix for wrong distance showed for mineral feeder position
  • Fixed an issue where the harvester would get a trophy instead of the person who killed the animal
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