• New feature – Trophy Shot 2.0
    • Five camera filters – free added functionality for trophy shot mode
    • 10 premium character poses – available for purchase separately on in a bundle
    • “Freezing” animals in the trophy shot mode – prevents an animal ragdoll from falling down after releasing the mouse button


  • Tweaks for .357 Revolvers – Slightly increased penetration
  • Improved sound mix for Geese, Crows and Scent hounds
  • Scent Hound sound is slightly reduced
  • Improved cheat detection functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the Mule Deer and Sitka Deer injured laying ear animation bug
  • Fix for the jerky lateral movement when using a Tripod shooting rest
  • Minor tripod shooting rest fixes
  • Fix for a crash related hitting an animal with an arrow or harvesting an animal hit by an arrow
  • Removed the Inventory pop-up for Dog backpack triggered when the dog is within 1 meter radius
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