Bug Fixes

  • The calling of new animals on Whiterime Ridge fixed
  • Attacking AI fixed for all animals (except bison since it already worked for it)
  • Spooking AI fixes (some animals didn't spook correctly)
  • Fixed crash at the start of game
  • Fixed random crash when playing the game
  • Fix for the bear and hog bait bug
  • Achievement page design is fixed
  • Not working retail codes are fixed
  • Sitka Deer images are now correct
  • Fix for tracks in the air
  • Fix for the weapon wobble
  • Whiterime Ridge sound improvements
  • Fix for ammo not replenishing


  • Fix for invisible tracking domes – Now they are brighter on Whiterime Ridge
  • New 19th season started. (Due to a database glitch seasons 17 and 18 were very only about 30 minutes long.)
  • We've also added some code to try to find the issues with the stats being lost on the server
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