• New reserve – Whiterime Ridge
  • New species – Bison
  • New species – Arctic Fox
  • New species – Snowshoe Hare
  • New species – Sitka Deer
  • New feature – Cold weather
  • .45-70 Government Lever Action Rifle – Laminated Wood
  • Basic Arctic set (get it for free in the store)
  • Sneaky 3D Arctic Winter Camo set


  • Updated localization
  • .22 Air Rifle pellet boxes now contain 50 pellets instead of 10
  • Top achievement level increased – now it’s 1 000 for weapons and species except waterfowl, 4 000 for Canada Goose and Mallard Duck, 32 000 for total harvested animals. Achieve
  • End of 17th season, start of the 18th season
  • Various graphics updates and fixes (see the whole list in the Graphics Update Release Notes)
  • All in-game sounds for the character have been revamped (such as breathing sounds)
  • Improved deadzones for Tobii EyeX

Bug fixes

  • No hands bug has been fixed
  • Cottontail rabbit and European rabbit deformed face when dead has been fixed
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