• Marker Flags

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug when mallards were not floating towards the land
  • Camo app in the HunterMate shows scarves as scarves (and not glasses)
  • Fixed ammo switching animation – now when you switch ammo you take out the old ammo type and put in the new ammo type in the animation
  • Fixed the issue with dog getting strange rotations
  • Fixed the sound bug with walking sounds in forests sometimes sounding like walking on roads
  • Minor pathfinding issues fixed
  • Minor terrain fixes
  • Fixed the "invisible hands" bug
  • Fixed the issue when mallards sink when landing
  • Fixed the issue where the game would crash after confirming an animal and fast traveling shortly after
  • Fixed the issue with the “raise weapon” message appearing if pressing the mouse button even if unbound
  • Fixed the Red Kangaroo Mission “Gender Science” so that the objectives can be done in any order


  • Change in the inventory labeling system – now the whole item name is shown for improved user experience
  • Deployable towers now grant weapon wobble reduction. This does not apply to bows except for crossbows
  • Tripods now grant some weapon wobble reduction. This does not apply to bows except for crossbows
  • Dog reward text now says “Em$” instead of “silver”
  • Distance calculated when shooting now starts from your camera position instead of the weapon’s end point. This is done so that shooting distance and rangefinder distances will match.
  • Localization updates
  • Player knocked down by an animal notification is now localized
  • Removed the bullet from muzzleloader reload animation
  • .223 ammo simulates a 55 grain bullet instead of a 40 grain bullet (resulting in more knock down power)
  • .303 British ammo is now a jacketed soft point bullet rather than a hollow point (resulting in more penetration)
  • .223 ammo now permitted for Red Kangaroos

Release notes

.223 Ammo Changes

There have been a lot of complaints from players that the .223 simply did not perform well enough on some of the animals it was intended for. So, we’ve decided to make the bullet just a little heavier, so that it can quite easily take down even Coyotes and Roe Deer. We’ve also added the Red Kangaroo to the list of permitted species since it is widely used in Australia for this kind of hunting.

.303 Ammo Changes

When we released the .303 British Bolt Action Rifle, the permitted species list was perhaps a little too permissive for the type of bullet we chose. By switching from hollow point to jacketed soft point we got a bit better penetration for this ammunition, making it more suitable for the animals on the permitted list. However, it is still a rifle for the skilled hunter, and a good shot placement remains essential. The tweak we are introducing today does not make a cannon out of your .303 British Bolt Action Rifle, but it at least turns it into a very decent hunting rifle.

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