Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Mule Deer antlers score
  • Fix for Army Boonie camo – it now works according to the description
  • Fix for some European Rabbits not counting on the "Home Invasion" mission
  • Terrain fixes
  • Fix for the .22 "Plinkington" Semi-Automatic Rifle spook radius – it's been increased and now is higher than that for bows but lower than that for other rifles (Please find more on what the "spook radius" is below)


On the spook radius in theHunter
Spook radius is a fine term for a small part of what affects the animal AI. On its own it is just what it says: A radius within which any animal has a chance of spooking from the sound of a weapon being fired. However, spook radius alone does not decide if an animal spooks or not: Different species react differently to sound; some are really nervous compared to others. Different animals within each species react differently to sound too; some of the large ones are way more wary than the smaller ones. Another layer is the general nervousness of the animal: Does it feel safe at the moment? If so, it will take more to spook it. So, despite a hard number being set for the spook radius, it is affected by other circumstances that will make each shot having quite different consequences.

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