• Val-des-Bois reserve
  • Alpine Ibex
  • Climbing – Players can now use climbing gear to scale vertical walls, learn more about it in the release notes
  • Fall Damage – Players can now be knocked out from heavy falls, learn more about it in the release notes


  • Localization updated, two new languages are added (Romanian and Hungarian)
  • Improved map loading performance
  • New personal bests site

Bug fixes

  • Improved animal path finding performance
  • Fixed consumable item info bug when having same item equipped in two different slots (the amount left showed wrong number)
  • You cannot spot animals when you’re hurt
  • You can no longer move away from a Tree stand or Tripod by aiming multiple times
  • Decreased the frequency of the roe deer warning sound a little
  • Dead animals slide a bit less in slopes
  • Fixed some missing animations on older items
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