• The Roosevelt elk now has a new Call animation.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for crash at loading (as client) regarding waterfowls
  • Fix for waterfowl decoys attracting wrong species
  • Fix for trophy shot (it was possible to “throw” the animal up in the air and outside of the “invisible box”)
  • Fixed bug – player wasn’t able to pose animals in water
  • Fixed crossbow cocking bug
  • Fixed tutorial bug where player couldn’t confirm animal after restart
  • Fixed mute waterfowl ai groups bug in sp
  • Fixed wrong stance shown in status bar when climbing towers or fast travelling
  • Share on facebook checkbox only visible if connected to facebook (via theHunter.com)
  • The huntermate map can now show more than five icons of the same type
  • You can no longer be knocked down by an animal if you are in a tree stand
  • Game server communication improvements
  • Fix for texture bug with all scopes
  • Fix for help messages in Trophy Shot not disappearing when exiting Trophy Shot
  • Small terrain fixes
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