• 8×57 IS K98k Bolt-Action Rifle
  • 4x42mm Classic Rifle Scope (fits K98k Bolt-Action Rifle)
  • Added ‘Contextual Mode’ option for the GUI Status Bar. This option will only show newly updated information for a set time.


  • Reload for Lever action, pump shotgun and semi-auto add ammo at the end of the looping animation instead of the beginning (the ammo counter was increased before the player had inserted the bullet)

Bug fixes

  • Gui optimizations (fps should increase)
  • Fix for animal ragdolls intersecting a lot with the ground
  • Fix for bear dying in water (some settings were missing)
  • Fix for GUI interaction message not disappearing
  • Added possibility to press ENTER to ‘OK’ center notifications (like the rune stone or the messages in the tutorials)
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