• The track indicators are a bit more transparent

Bug fixes

  • Fix for crash when shooting an animal near a bait site
  • Charging animals don’t run in circles any more
  • Fix for unspawned animals not getting spooked by weapon shot. (Because of this animals could call too soon after a shot)
  • Ragdolls do not slide as much in slopes
  • Fix for arrows getting stuck in air when the animal with the arrow despawns.
  • Fix for 3D Archery Range bug (no hit data was shown)
  • Ammo count is updated when shooting at ranges
  • Clues are not reset when fast traveling. (all were counted as new before)
  • Scope view is not rendered over the menus in single player
  • Animal weight estimation is as good or better when spotting compared to tracks. If you spot an animal first, you will get the same weight estimate on tracks. If you track an animal and then spot it, the weight estimate can be updated once
  • Game zooms out when reloading the muzzle loader when aiming
  • Removed a deep hole in the ground on the southern island of WH reserve
  • Stop all sounds when an animal dies. (so the attack sound does not continue when dead)
  • fix for entering/exiting world items (game thought world item was full when it wasn’t – “Player limit reached”)
  • Pathfinding maps on Hirschfelden have been updated so animals won’t get stuck in trees as often.
  • Fixed a minor tracking bug.
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