• Winter Camo Ground Blind
  • The chat now shows the latest 28 messages when opened.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Singleplayer “disconnection” after pausing and/or alt-tabbing the game for a while
  • World items textures when placed do not switch anymore (if you had an orange and a white tent close to each other, they could switch textures so the white was orange and vice versa)
  • In-game map fix (when using the scroll button the map stopped working)
  • Fixed some skinning issues on the Doc Monsignor clothes
  • Ground blind model made a little higher
  • Muzzleloader animation fix when aiming in prone (animation was missing)
  • Muzzleloader will change your stance from prone/crouch to stand when character starts reloading
  • You can use “Enter” in the game messages that have an “Ok” button (like in tutorials or the stone in Hemmeldal)
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