• Parker Python Compound Bow – A new state of the art Compound Bow based on Parker Bows highly acclaimed “Python” model. This bow is not only more accurate, thanks to a 3-pin sight, but also more silent than the traditional “Snakebite”. Read more about it at Doc’s Outfitters!
  • Archery Addictions Range – Developed cooperation with Archery Addictions this range located just outside the Darkwood Lodge in Red Feather Falls allows you to practise shot placement on true to life 3D target before heading out in the woods.

Bug Fixes

  • You should now be able to hear the sound of animals moving through bushes from a greater distance.
  • Heavier animals makes far more noise when walking and running through the vegetation.
  • Fix for the sound of the windmills in Hirschfelden. It paused and did not play again after you confirmed an animal.
  • Huntermate kill confirm screen now always shows the weight with one decimal .
  • Bullet / arrow penetration bug fix. Bullets and arrows could pass through Shoulder bone and skull when they were not supposed too. This made it easier to kill animals.
  • Fix for a rare bow crash (if one shot an arrow into air and fast entered the inventory before the arrow hit anything. Moved the bow to the lodge inventory and then resumed the game)
  • Weight guess data from spotting should now replace data generated by tracking.
  • Ballistics bug – A bug that tied projectile speed to frame rate has been found and fixed. This bug caused arrows to fly somewhat slower on low-spec machines and somewhat faster on high-spec machines. Since the speed is no longer tied to frame rate it should now be the same on all rigs.
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