- New season started! (Hall of Fame updated soon)
- Red Deer caller given to all pioneers



  • New species: Red Deer
  • New equipment: Red Deer Caller
  • New competitions (will start in about 2 weeks): Red Deer Competitions
  • New full screen map, similar to the one on the website. Featuring your path


  • Head and neck hits are now called "body hits". This applies to the animals that have Skull and Spine hit areas
  • Roosevelt Elk AI has been tweaked slightly
  • Roosevelt Elk now sometimes respond to calls
  • Roosevelt Elk vitals tweaked to match its size - they are now harder to kill
  • Small tweaks to improve vital organs of Feral Hog, Wild Boar and Roe Deer
  • Updated Roosevelt Elk male and female models
  • All animals will eat a little more often
  • The Red Deer and Roosevelt Elk have new foot prints. There are separate foot prints for fleeing and roaming animals
  • Improved Roosevelt Elk call animation
  • Hirschfelden spawn maps slightly tweaked for all species
  • Players are now allowed to buy two weapons and scopes of each type
  • Fast moving animals; Roosevelt Elk, Moose and Coyotes now idle more when walking towards attraction zones
  • Animation fix for the "bunny ears" on the Roosevelt Elk
  • Roe Deers bark a little less
  • Roe Deers receives less injury when shot in the ears

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made animals spook in an unintended way if you used a caller too much
  • Fix for animals spawning into render range and spooking right away
  • Fixed bug causing some weapons to get stuck when entering the inventory while lowering them.(.30-06, .357, .44, bows)
  • Fix for some problems that cause frozen animals
  • Fix for track clues sometimes being white
  • Fix for moose AI. All moose had the same AI scale/intelligence (now higher scoring animals are more difficult)
  • Various small terrain fixes
  • Fixed collision on beech trees (so arrows don't get stuck in the air next to the trees)
  • Fix for black trophy shots when player alt-tabs from the game after taking the photo)
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