The Game Update is now released. We had some problems with the new servers, so we had to revert back to the old ones until we find the problem and can fix it.

Here comes the changelog:

What's New:

  • Environment "Hirschfelden"
  • Animal Roe Deer
  • Animal Wild Boar
  • Roe Deer scent
  • Feral Hog aggresive behaviour
  • Czech localization
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization

Bug Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug "animal invulnerability" (the possibility to shoot trough animals)
  • Fixed bug "animals under the ground"
  • Removed the possibility to freeze the animals head in the trophy shot (this was the source of the bugs here above)
  • Fixed bug where trotting would count as spooked in competitions that require prey to be unspooked when shoot
  • Fixed bug where unspawned animals did not flee when spooked
  • Fixed bug where animals could spook after having the game paused
  • Fixed pathfinding bug that could make animals freeze
  • Fixed rare exit trophy shot crash
  • Fixed bug where tree stand was reset to the lodge inventory for no reason
  • Removed time and fatigue cap
  • Feral Hog AI improvements
  • Feral Hog vitals tweaked
  • Feral Hog can now bed down when wounded
  • Feral Hog can now go to sleep
  • Improved attraction maps for all reserves
  • Updated credits
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