Thursday, 15th March 2012

The Game Update is now released and will be automatically applied next time you start the game. Here is what is included...

What's New

  • Trophy Shot 1.5 - Enhanced Trophy Shot Mode
  • Enhanced Animal Vision simulation (more info)
  • TruRACS - Tweaks to address Mule Deer & Blacktail scoring
  • Danish localization (thanks to Haldur!)

Bug Fixes

  • Bear shot penalty radius depends on the attractiveness value
  • Animals fast walking towards callers
  • Coyotes now trot when called
  • Animals don't call when in trophy shot mode
  • Red markers are rendered on top of everything both in the full screen map and the huntermate
  • Bow bug where you cannot aim or sometimes end up in a weird pose
  • New pathfinding maps to fix animals frozen near sea
  • Improved detection to avoid tree stand and other persistent items being reset to lodge
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