Tuesday, 6th December 2011

Today's game update features TruRACS - the True Random Antler Configuration System. With TruRACS everyone animal will have a unique set of antlers, scored exactly as you see them in the game. Through sophisticated algorithms and rule sets the game engine produces a unique set of antlers for every animal, every time you play.

Besides a load of other features this update also contains the enhanced ground blind and tree stand, allowing you to leave them in the woods to later return to them (even another day).

For more details about the update, see below. The update will be automatically downloaded and applied next time you start the game.


  • TruRACS on Whitetail deer, Blacktail deer, Mule deer, Roosevelt Elk and Feral Hog!
  • Ground blinds and tree stands can now be left out in the woods between expeditions (like the tents).
  • New context menu when interacting with ground blinds, tree stands and tents.
  • Now possible to buy up to 20 ground blinds, tree stands and tents (max five of each per reserve).
  • Placement preview for tent, ground blind and tree stand showing if spot is valid.
  • New pheasant hunting tutorial.


  • Settings application now has a new option with predefined Graphics Quality settings (Default, Low, High).
  • Bear scull size match the bears weight better.
  • Hit in spine 2 and 3 make the moose and bear immobilized.
  • New Feral Hog and Coyote texture variations.
  • Bow and crossbow do not spook animals far away.
  • Improved idle animations for callers.
  • If trying to equip a slot that is empty a message is shown saying you need to equip an item in the inventory.
  • Localization updates, especially Russian.
  • A new Season has started!


  • Fix for trophy shot images getting an incorrect file name in the screenshots folder with some languages.
  • Rocks are not removed in trophy shots.
  • Now not possible to place a ground blind too close to a tent.
  • You can no longer place tent or ground blind too close to dead animals.
  • It's now not possible to erect ground blind, tree stand or tent outside the current reserve.
  • Missing normalmap on dead spruce foliage added.
  • Fixed tent getting stuck in inventory after being dismantled when not having a large backpack.
  • Spine shot 3 now correctly displayed on website.
  • Fix for animals during particular circumstances spawning near current tent location.
  • Fix for grass texture sometimes looking weird with some video cards and settings.
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