Wednesday, 27th April 2011

The major game update featuring among other things the Black Bear and the new Redfeather Falls environment is now available! It will automatically be downloaded next time you play the game.

Redfeather Falls

The new Redfeather Falls environment is huge, almost twice the size of the existing Whitehart Island, and does feature a completely new flora and lots of interesting landmarks to explore.

Black Bear

The Black Bear is a new unique animal, it's got pretty good sense of smell so make sure you approach carefully with the wind in your face. During close encounters or if wounded it may in rare cases attack. If you want to be sure, bring with you a First Aid Kit (available at Doc's Outfitters).

Trophy Shots

A new trophy shot system is introduced, allowing you to take a trophy shot yourself directly in the game. Trophy shots are automatically uploaded to the website and made available in the score sheet and your gallery.


A new pathfinding system is implemented making animals a lot smarter in their movement. They may now navigate through complex terrain and find shallow water to pass moving towards their point of interest.


The mission system is completely revamped and you may now see active, available and locked missions and your progress clearly on a separate page on the website (no more cryptic in-game messages).


You may now freely enroll and leave competitions without any limit, even join multiple competitions for the same species.

Game Server

This is not a feature per se, but so significant so it's worth mentioning anyway. With this release we are also introducing our completely new game server that will both manage load a lot better but most importantly allow us to build a lot of very exciting features for you in the near future.

Now let's go hunt Black Bear!

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