Wednesday, 9th March 2011

The Game Update will be automatically applied next time you start the game.

The Game Update is now released featuring among other things the new ground blind (see Ground Blind for details).

Change Log...

  • Now featuring Nosler as official ammunition provider!
  • Added Ground Blind.
  • Coyotes may now howl (howls are detected by the HunterMate).
  • Coyotes now trot to interests such as calls (previously they just walked).
  • Treestand visual camo slightly increased.
  • Order of neckbone names changed (neck bone 1 is now closest to the head).
  • Animal attentive state improved. If the animals hear/smell/see you, they stop and listen/smell/look (before there was not always a visual reaction).
  • Fixed issue where tutorials and icons would not work with non English Windows usernames.
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