Release Date: 20th of January, 2011

Addition of the Tree Stand and several updates to antlers and scoring.

Changes and Additions

  • Tree Stand now available in Doc's Outfitters!
  • HunterMate full screen map show player and cursor GPS coordinates
  • GPS waypoint may now also be set by clicking the HunterMate full screen map (in addition to using the Rangefinder)
  • Added sign posts and updated sign boards at lodges
  • Antlers on animals are now randomly assigned
  • Antler distribution ensures that 25% of all animals have the 25% highest scoring antlers, 25% have the lowest and the rest those in between (average scoring antlers).
  • There is now the same probability of high scoring antlers in all areas
  • Significantly more antler models now available
  • Blacktail scores are now within a more realistic range
  • Added "large item" slot to inventory (used by Tree Stand). Default key is '5'.
  • Changed default key for toggling Run/Walk to 'Caps Lock' instead of 'E'. 'E' is now a general Use key (used to climb tower and exit tree stand).
  • Inventory equipment lists may now be scrolled using the mouse wheel
  • The "side pockets" in the inventory now act as two large 2x4 slots instead of eight 2x1 slots
  • Improved Novint Falcon support (profile update needed)
  • Added notification when enabling Freelook to avoid triggering it by mistake
  • Added double hit message when hitting both targets at the trap shooting range
  • Various terrain fixes
  • New season with Leaderboard resets and updated Hall of Fame
  • Personal Bests are now per Season

Note: A subsequent very small patch was released the day after to fix an inventory issue occurring for a few users resulting in the game freezing in the menu.

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