Release Date: 13th of December, 2010

Content update including completely new hunting area Settler Creeks.

Changes and Additions

  • 3 square miles of beautiful new hunting ground!
  • No more rain indoors, ceilings should stop falling water correctly
  • Possible to walk in deeper water
  • Not possible to crouch and prone in deep water
  • Decreased amount of insects.
  • No new insects are spawned when it's raining
  • Unspawned animals follow their leader better (don't sleep if their leader is too far away)
  • Animals can walk in shallow water
  • Ammo type-text next to ammo count in HUD
  • Sound notification when a mission message is received
  • New message displayed upon end of a clay shooting round
  • Added a "Calculating score..." message while score is retrieved from server
  • Player spawn with pre-set direction per lodge (not always facing west)
  • Flush sounds cannot be made while blowing callers
  • Removed sea sounds from WH and LP inland lakes and other areas where they should not be
  • Elk should not get stuck shaking when killed preventing bagging
  • Disabled vertical item placement in inventory to avoid items getting stuck
  • The "Continue/Leave Reserve" screen is now skipped entirely when using a camp supply
  • Added sound for walking in water
  • Shooting range platform model tweaked (now possible to shoot while proned)
  • Rats (possible to shoot)
  • Fish (not possible to shoot)
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