Release Date: 9th of August, 2010

Minor patch.


  • When reaching tracking level 5 the animals gender will be visible in the Huntermate.
  • Animals are a lot less afraid of coyotes.
  • Animals attracted to calls ignore coyotes.
  • Hogs run farther when spooked.
  • Camera aiming have been tweaked to allow a lower angle from certain positions, such as standing and crouching.
  • The launcher now gives feedback if your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements (please note that no changes have been made to the actual requirements, this will simply give you feedback).

Bug Fixes

  • The deep hole in the canyon has been fixed.
  • Animals scared by coyotes should no longer "freeze".
  • Animals that react to calls shoud no longer be able to go to sleep.
  • Turkey beard length should better match the scoresheet

Known Issues

If you had customized keybindings you need to set them again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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