Release Date: 23rd of June, 2010

Minor patch.


  • All animals are visible to all players, even if you don't have a license. Non licensed animals don't leave tracks, don't affect skills and cannot be shot (weapon is lowered)
  • Added a Very High setting for scene complexity (more grass, and the trees change to lower poly model a little bit further away)
  • Added a Very High setting for Shadows
  • Added option to have even higher MSAA and anisotropic filtering.
  • Weather simulation runs a bit slower (weather changes don't come as fast)
  • We have moved the hunting tower at South Cliff to the nearest hill to the south
  • Elk may spawn a bit further north on Whitehart again
  • For competitions, both the time of kill and the time of harvest must now be within the competition period.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spotting when optimized scope rendering is on
  • Removed incorrect beach materials around Whitehart (to prevent sea sounds inland)
  • Animals are re-randomized better when retiring at lodge or campsite.
  • Heart Seeker competition now never allow scope (before it was possible to use scope under some circumstances)

Known Issues

Light was too dark when starting to hunt before 1200, caused by a missing texture in the full install version. And subsequent 1.5 MB patch was released the same day to address this.

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